'We'll unleash everything we have' parents of student harassed by school principal, vice principal tell EGUSD Trustees

Heather and Charles Washington say their 12-year old daughter was racially harassed
at an Elk Grove Unified School District junior high school. | 

During their Tuesday, November 16 meeting, Trustees and administrators of Elk Grove Unified School District were warned by parents who said their daughter was harassed that "we'll unleash everything we have" in pursuit of justice for their daughter.

The remarks were made during public comment on non-agenda items during the most recent meeting by Heather and Charles Washington on behalf of their 12-year old daughter. At the time, their daughter was a student at Katherine L. Albiani Middle School in Elk Grove.

According to testimony by the Washingtons on Tuesday and by Ms. Washington during the October 5 EGUSD Trustee meeting, their daughter was banned from the girls' locker room during physical education. Consequently, their daughter was forced to change her clothes outdoors and was humiliated.

See highlights of Ms. Washinton's comments in the video below. A description of the incident, which started in August, can be viewed here

Ms. Washington told administrators and Trustees in their pursuit of justice, several groups ranging including the American Civil Liberties Union to Black Lives Matter, have been contacted and will seek administrative relief for their daughter. 

The comments were made during public comment and by law, Trustees and administrators cannot discuss non-agenda items. 

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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing my daughter's story and how she was targeted because she is because she is a black child and her sexuality was questioned by the VP and Principal. They further harrased her in her classes after their unjust discipline was overturned by the Director of Secondary Education. To be clear to everyone, my daughter broke no Ed Code or syllabus rules and is an Honor Roll Student, Presidential Award Winner, and supported by former teachers, Administrators, and received emails/letters from former and current teachers letting us know how wonderful she is. The VP is EGUSD Board Member Forcina’s daughter so both her and the Principal have not been terminated. The Board could have held a Skelly Hearing and already terminated them as they are not Union Protected but still no action has been taken.

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