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Elk Grove’s zoo took a giant step forward this week, albeit without prior public participation.

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"Dandy" Don Meredeth.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I trust our crack team of City negotiators to spend our tax dollars wisely! As they sit in City Hall (aka Wall Street West), our top financial wizards will turn this $9 million dollar investment into gold.

The zoo association may be cash-poor, but our City Hall hedge fund managers have plenty of tax dollars to swing the deal, and just think of the PR coup this will give Wall Street West! Even if the deal falls through, Ann Grava, a contract real estate manager with the city of Elk Grove, told the council that while this land will be purchased for a new zoo site, the property is also suitable for non-zoo commercial uses in the event that a new zoo is not built there.

How about a District 100!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

This week’s EGN Minute, regrettably, is yet another reminder of the Elk Grove City Council's unethical behavior. Change the nameplates, the disingenuous, unscrupulous behavior continues. Never mind about the people they were elected to serve!

This new land purchase is shades of the acquisition of the 100 acres outside the city limits; a bait and switch for the sphere of influence. Most likely, once again a Pat Hume cajoled move here.

Big words and all, Hume is Elk Grove’s version of a “Slick Willie.” Hume has proven he has earned the moniker, “Slick Patty!”

In any event, thanks for the memory, Elk Grove News. Monday Night Football was a weekly ritual, watching with my Dad, with Howard, Frank and Don!

Renegade said...

So the city spent $9M of OUR tax dollars to buy a swath of land for a potential zoo site without even one public meeting to see what the citizens thought of this idea? The future tax ramifications of this project is astronomical as well as etched in perpetuity. Every single one of those council members should be recalled for their stupidity, unethical and financially devastating actions against the city and it's citizens.

Bandee said...

A zoo, maybe. But if the zoo deal does not materialize it could very likely be a huge recycle water plant for the farmers that gets built.

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