Bowling For Dollars on CBS Sports to be resurrected in Elk Grove - 'It's a B F D!'

In an effort to expand their audience, CBS Sports is resurrecting a local television favorite from the 1970s, Bowling For Dollars (BFD) . I...

In an effort to expand their audience, CBS Sports is resurrecting a local television favorite from the 1970s, Bowling For Dollars (BFD). In a boost for Elk Grove’s efforts to become a vacation destination, the daily program will be filmed at the city’s Stykes bowling alley.

Riding the popularity of post-war bowling, the TV program was developed by Bert Claster of Claster Television. Each program was locally produced and at one time had franchises in 22 American and Canadian cities, including Sacramento.

The program lost audiences and was eventually canceled. In 2013 the show was revived in Detroit, where it has enjoyed healthy ratings.

BFD's showrunner Yosh Schmenge said Elk Grove’s brewery scene was one factor considered when the city was selected. 

“We looked all over for hip cities with a growing beer appetite, and Elk Grove kept popping up,” Schmenge said. “We hope to tap some of these local brewers to be beer frame sponsors.”

Additionally, CBS expects to receive lucrative incentives from Elk Grove's multi-million dollar economic development fund. Elk Grove beat Allen Park, Michigan's ThunderBowl which has been a frequent host of the Professional Bowling Association's Tour Finals. 

Unlike the original format where local bowlers played for cash prizes, the show will include more audience participation and game show characteristics. CBS is also working with the Professional Bowler Association to recruit Hall of Fame Bowlers to make celebrity appearances and hold autograph signing sessions.   

Although details are not final, like games shows, five episodes will be recorded one day a week, most likely Saturday mornings when parents are carting their kids to dance lessons and morning baseball and soccer games.  
CBS Sports programing execuitve
Barth Gimble. 
“Young, hip, childless couples enjoy bowling and beer, so they will be a natural fit for the audience,” Schmenge said. “Also, we expect old Baby Boomers will enjoy the nostalgic aspect of the show.”

CBS Sports Programming Vice President Barth Gimble believes the game show aspect will build a strong TV following. Additionally, boisterous, hip Elk Grove in-studio audiences flocking to the recordings played an essential role in the site selection. 

“We did our demographic studies, and Elk Grove fits exactly the type of studio audience we need to bring enthusiasm to the show,” Gimble said. “A community that has people willing to stay in their car for over an hour for a piece of dry chicken and cold potatoes fried in dirty oil and offer rave reviews is exactly where we need to be.”    

One Elk Grove City Councilmember contacted at the Dust Bowl Brewery last night who asked not to be identified acknowledged the show is coming and will receive generous incentives. 

"It's a B F D," they said.  
The show will start recording one year from today.  

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