10th District California Assembly race takes on an 'us versus them' tone between Nguyen, Gurerra


In early January on our weekend feature Elk Grove News Minute, we suggested the race for the 10th District California Assembly race between the top two contenders, both council members, could evolve into a proxy war. With a mailer received by voters today, the first volley in that proxy war was launched today.

That war is between the two largest constituencies, the newly drawn Assembly District - Elk Grove and Sacramento. A mailer from Elk Grove City Council member Stephanie Nguyen has targeted one of her three opponents, Sacramento City Councilmember Eric Guerra.

Today's mailer from Nguyen is headlined with "We don't need Sacramento politicians representing Elk Grove." The cover images on the front page show a homeless encampment captioned Sacramento and a bucolic picture of the District56 captioned Elk Grove. 

Inside is a black and white image of Guerra laid over a picture of an encampment and a quote from his 2020 reelection campaign addressing homelessness with the caption "Significant Strides?" The remaining two pages of the mailer have typical bullet-point information positively highlighting Nguyen.
As the first negative ad that we are aware of launched by a candidate in this contest, it comes with a degree of risk. Nguyen's appeal is aimed at Elk Grove voters.

This tactic by Nguyen is risky and could be flipped by opponents. Guerra could counter by saying Nguyen is using the misery of homeless people to appeal to fearful suburban residents or more likely portray her as an elitist uninterested in helping and acknowledging the needs of at-risk people.

Whether or not Nguyen's strategy works will become evident by June 8. 

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