Letter to Supervisor candidate Hume from elected officials, candidate condemns his silence on reproductive rights

Pat Hume is the recipient of a letter condemning his silence on women's reproductive rights, claiming he is ignorant on Sacramento County's role in health care. |  

Addressing Sacramento County Board of Supervisor District 5 candidate Pat Hume's response to a question during last week's candidate forum, several elected officials, a candidate, a labor organizer, and an activist have sent a letter (see below) condemning his response. Hume, who is running against Jaclyn Moreno, dodged a question on reproductive rights during the League of Women Voters forum on Wednesday, September 29.

The question was asked by Ms. Paula Lee, who moderated the forum. Moreno said she has long supported reproductive rights, while Hume did not state his stance on the issue saying abortion access was legal in California and not significant to governing the County (See the video below for the entire exchange).

The letter tells Hume he had dodged the issue for months and that his response demonstrates his lack of understanding of how the county functions.

The letter says, "Sacramento County has a budget of over $7 billion and is one of the largest healthcare providers in the region. Its facilities and programs are regularly called upon to support women's health and reproductive care, including abortion. The fact that you do not think this is a County of Sacramento issue calls into question whether you fully understand the scope of the County's vital role in the health and well-being of its residents."

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, reproductive rights have been a rallying call for Democratic candidates. Moreno is a Democrat, and Hume is a Republican.

The signatories are Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento City Councilmembers Eric Guerra, Mai Vang, and Katie Valenzuela; Cosumnes Community Services District Director Orlando Fuentes; Fabrizio Sasso, Sacramento Central Labor Council, Executive Director; Dave Jones, Former California Insurance Commissioner and State Senate District 8 candidate, and Amar Shergill, California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Chair.

Elk Grove elected officials supporting Republican Hume are Democrats Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and Vice Mayor Darren Suen. Even though she endorsed a Republican over a fellow Democrat, Singh-Allen says she supports reproductive rights while Suen has been silent.

Today, along with a representative from Planned Parenthood, Moreno is holding a press conference, that according to a press release, "to denounce the out-of-touch anti-woman and anti-choice statements from her Republican opponent and announce her #WomensHealthIsPublicHealth plan for Sacramento County." Although she did not sign the letter, the other Democratic District 8 State Senate candidate Angelique Ashby has endorsed Moreno and will attend today's event.

The Hume campaign did not respond to an email invitation to comment on the letter.

Shergill said Hume is an embarrassment for failing to comprehend the services provided by the County.

"Hume is supposed to know which services the County provides," Shergill said. "He is either horribly ignorant [regarding] the office he wants us to elect him to, or he is purposefully hiding his anti-abortion stance that will inform budget votes; either way, we deserve better."

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Randy Bekker said...

Let’s name names and stop hiding. My guess these are Moreno supporters. So is Moreno being a hypocrite by not answering my question? Is it not fair to ask and get an answer from her? If abortion is a right of a woman to choose at what point is it socially unacceptable to be used as birth control. Given the health of a woman, fetus, the crimes of incest and rape with advanced medicine and technology to see by using ultrasound when should abortions not be used for general birth control?

Renegade said...

The letter brings up some very good points about healthcare being a county issue. If Hume can't fathom that concept, he is ill prepared to take the dais. County issues go far beyond real estate planning and road improvements.
He needs to state is opinion if he has one. Voters deserve to know the quality of the person they are choosing to represent them.

Renegade said...

Interestingly, these exact issues were decided by the US Supreme Court 50 years ago in Roe vs Wade and the subsequent cases that further defined a woman's right to privacy in health care. Had the Trumpian court stood by their sworn testimony at the confirmation hearings we wouldn't be having this discussion. Instead, they lied and overturned Roe. I don't want to speak for the candidate, but I'll assume she was okay with the status of these issues prior to the overturning of Roe.

As for naming names, all the officials that submitted the letter, signed the letter. Again, your arguments are difficult to follow.

Kearney Zzyzwicz said...

@Randy, Do you sir agree with Mr. Hume that female reproductive rights are not an issue for the SCBOS? Additionally, do you think females should have the right to safe and secure abortion?

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Renegade, you are correct! It's not just about the Capital SouthEast Connector Expressway and all of the homes that will be built along it.

Aren't people, their rights and personal freedoms, more important than pavement and developers? Isn't Hume really a Republican conservative who is in the pocket of super-rich developers?

Randy Bekker said...

My comments on abortion is very public. My question should be answered by Moreno if they expect Hume to make a public position. If those expecting an answer from Hume on a settled law in our state then Moreno needs to answer my question so citizens in District 5 knows where she stands. Those attached to this letter are her supporters. It is very clear what is going on.

Atticus Finch said...

Only a man, a naive one at that would think any woman would choose to use abortion as birth control. Because only men have never given birth, they have no idea of the pain and difficulties of what childbirth is like. Birth control is the use of contraceptives, commonly known as the "pill" or the "patch" or condoms. Abortion is not and has never been nor should be considered contraception. By definition, it is not.

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