Will high-profile Democratic office holders, seekers want to pose for selfies with Elk Grove's Democratic segregationists?

Better days for Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen (right) and Attorney General Rob Bonta as she shoots this undated selfie. | 

Politicians, by definition, are narcissistic and self-serving. In the 21st century, there is no better conveyance of this behavior than selfies.

In this instance, when referring to selfies, we are not suggesting prominent politicians who pose for a selfie at the request of a fan or supporter. Say someone posing with Biden or Trump at a political rally. 

Instead, we are talking about local hacks like Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen. If there is one thing madame mayor does well, and only one thing, it is selling herself.

The mayor loves to name and place drops and get herself positioned with high-level officials for selfies. A few days ago, an Elk Grove resident and influential Democratic party member sent us a curious selfie of the mayor they found to be ironic. 

And to be clear, the mayor's positioning indicates she took the selfie. 

This selfie included Singh-Allen and a person who has rocked her world of rainbows and puppies in the last couple of weeks, not in a fun way -that person is the highest law enforcement official in the state, Attorney General Rob Bonta.

This is the same Rob Bonta who said the mayor and her city council displayed "discriminatory land use practice" and was "based on discriminatory intent or has a discriminatory effect."

As noted, the language of the Elk Grove residents opposing the Oak Rose project and Singh-Allen is the same language of segregationists. The mayor's claims of being compassionate are empty words.

So now that Singh-Allen and Elk Grove City Councilmember Darren Suen, who also has a selfie fetish himself, have associated with segregationist language, if not attitudes, will other higher-level elected officials be willing to be seen in one of their selfies? 

The Doris Matsui, Ami Bera, and Darrell Steinbergs of the Democratic party may continue posing with Suen and Singh-Allen but are doing so at the risk of being associated with segregationists or someone else who, at a minimum, supports "discriminatory land use practice."    

Until this is resolved to the satisfaction of the Oak Rose project proponents because they are the ones in control of the situation, it will be interesting to see if fellow high-level Democratic officials allow themselves to be wrangled into selfies with Singh-Allen, Suen, and Council members Rob Brewer and Sergio Robles. 

This selfie indicates it was taken and initiated by Darren Suen. | 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I'm sure all will be forgiven when Bobbie's Zoo opens and all the Dem hotshots will be pushing and shoving to get a selfie with Lady Tarzan herself, all dressed to the Nines in their leopard skin shirts and safari caps!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Mr. Blutarsky makes an interesting point. If Ms. Singh-Allen gets the new zoo, all will be forgiven. As suggested on this website, I suppose segregationist, along with WASPs, hate people different than themselves but love animals.

Randy Bekker said...

At the zoo ground breaking the line of politicians will be lined out the door in both directions. Elk Grove will be the savior of the lack of proper guardianship. We will be the hero’s of the day to move an important attraction to a better location and home for decades to come. It will be a kumbaya moment. No matter the disagreements or who is in power or arguments people will come together and we might even see those oppose in attendance in their zoo garb. As far as the current battle it will be long settled and many months behind us. Like land use disagreements in the past those battle lines will no longer exist.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Hey Randy, whose "we" as in, "We will be the hero’s of the day to move an important attraction to a better location and home for decades to come."

Did you have a council member in your ear as you were writing this? Who is we or did you have a mouse in your pocket?

Randy Bekker said...

“We”= Elk Grove! It is a shame that the Sacramento City politicians allowed the zoo to get to where it is today. They choose to spend time saving the Kings and moving the arena downtown and let the zoo fail. “We”those of us as citizens supporting the zoo will make it better. Yes there is a cost and can we or want to afford it? I don’t know the answer but no matter we have given life into the zoo that Sacramento failed to do under their watch. No I don’t have anybody in my ear. These are my thoughts as we grow as a big city.

Spoons and Forks said...

When the zoo opens, every swinging d*ick will be there, that's for sure. But let me ask you Randy, when was the last time you visited the Sacramento Zoo, or did you tag along when Mayor Lipstick when she took her posse to the Fresno Zoo?

Randy Bekker said...

It’s been a few years but now my grand kids are of age to enjoy it. I look forward to going back soon. No I wasn’t on any tour with our Mayor or Council.

Kearney Zzyzwicz said...

@ Mr Bekker

Your point on cleaning up the Sacramento city council mess is interesting. You chose to advocate for a zoo which will cost Elk Grove god knows how much, but your stance on a housing project to help PEOPLE is the contrary.

It seems as if you value a zebra more than a family needing stable housing.

How sad is it that a hero in your eyes is someone whose success is measured by bringing a zoo when we have families suffering to find stable housing. I hope you, your children, and grandchildren never experience hardships and unstable housing.

Your use of “kumbaya” is humorous as well, as it the origin started as an African-American spiritual song which was then bastardized and used by spineless politicians to create a false sense of togetherness and community. It now screams naive and clueless. So yes, you are actually right. When the zoo opens, there will be definite kumbaya.

Randy Bekker said...

Unfortunately it sounds like you have not read any of my public comments about affordable housing or helping the homeless. You can reach out to me personally any time as it seems from your comment you are not clear or factual in stating what I have stated.

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