More Than Three Minutes Podcast - Will Elk Grove only address affordable housing with apartments?

By Lynn Wheat | 

In this segment, as a long-time advocate for better planning, I will discuss the decisions of our past and current Mayor and Councilmembers. For the benefit of new listeners, I want to open with an email I sent to another previously engaged community member. 

Listen Time 7 minutes 30 seconds

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Randy Bekker said...

As I have made numerous comments on this page over the years one may find I am for something or against when I am not. It is to judge one’s comments as Ms. Wheat over time has been judged by her comments or her ideas. Even though we differ on some issues I have voiced my comments to many Council members and have been in support of many affordable housing projects in the Laguna area on local social media pages. Old Town is where I grew up and have lived most my adult life. The Old Town area has duplexes, quad plexs, 2 HUD housing developments, numerous apts from small to large, some affordable some not. I have said there is no difference in a 4/2/2-3 garage and a 2/1/1 garage or duplexes being built on every corner and some in the development so they are part of the community. As I have stated our children can not afford to buy or live where they grew up. We have a Sr. Trailer park why not a family park and an adult park and yes a tiny home park for single adults, older adults. If I had my way the city needs to bring every developer in a room with staff and no one leaves til it is settled commitments and time lines are finalized to build and open to our community residents. Sadly in the late 80’s and early 90’s I realized what a mess Laguna was going to be with no vision to build a master community instead of just different housing developments.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Such a meeting that Mr. Becker suggests already happens to a limited extent. I recall past Council's referring to them as the Industry Working Group meeting, or Stakeholder meeting. Unfortunately with this Council, if you mention stakeholder, they are liable to think you mean steak holder or some utensil for eating steaks by hand like corn on the cob! 

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Thank you Ms. Wheat for the historical perspective. Unfortunately, with the exception of one former city council member, our current Mayor and all of our current city council members have a limited grasp on this topic.

They're more interested in posing for selfies and free rounds of golf with the Mayor's husband.

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