Will the unheard voice of Elk Grove City Councilmember Sergio Robles be revealed as compliant or courageous?

Is Sergio Robles an independent Elk Grove City Council member or compliant with the wishes and commands dictated by Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie S...

Is Sergio Robles an independent Elk Grove City Council member or compliant with the wishes
and commands dictated by Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen? | 

By D.A. Gougherty | 

As reported in Lynn Wheat's March 19 edition of her More Than Three Minutes podcast, during the Elk Grove City Council March 10 retreat meeting, Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, and her four city councilmen circled the wagons, so to speak, when it comes to their messaging.  

For the mayor, it's all for one and one for all!

One listener of that podcast posted a thoughtful comment. The comment from the reader using the handle Renegade said:

Thirdly, and what I find most troubling is the mayor believes the entire council needs to vote in agreement over all issues before the council to show a unified front. How is that a democracy? Every member of that council needs to be able to freely state their concerns or issues to every project, to vote as their education, wisdom, and heart dictate, not fall in line with the mayor's point of view. 

Renegade poises an interesting thought related to the Oak Rose project and the two new city council members, Rod Brewer and Sergio Robles - what are their positions?  Are they free thinkers or subordinate to the wishes of Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen?

Robles' stance on the Oak Rose controversy is not clear. However, the other council member, Mr. Brewer, affirmed his unambiguous segregationist stance as a candidate.

Brewer wrote, "Last month, I received information about the proposed Oak Rose Apartments from my friend, longtime resident of East Elk Grove, Randy Bekker." He added, in unabashed segregationist language, "the intent of the program is good, however, the location and site design set the project up for failure."  

Brewer's language is disappointing but unsurprising, given his close relationship with the mayor. He follows the philosophy of Singh-Allen and Councilmember Darren Suen and is a DINO - Democratic In Name Only. Anything to win an election justifies anti-Democratic party principles.  

As for Robles, is he being compliant to Singh-Allen like an altar boy molested by a Boston Diosece Roman Catholic priest? Robles may not like what is happening to him, but perhaps he is conforming to the threat of a predator priest, in this case, Mayor Singh-Allen, and staying quiet under duress of the all-for-one standard imposed at the retreat meeting. 

Constituents do not know if Robles is a victim of compliance or if he agrees with the segregationist stance of his city council colleagues. So, Councilmember Robles, if Mayor Singh-Allen metaphorically abuses you, be courageous and resist these segregationist standards or, conversely, say you support segregation.

Councilmember Robles, grow a backbone, exercise your obligation to speak as an independently elected official, state your position, and let constituents know if you are compliant with the mayor or courageous.  

Note from the writer: I was a fully confirmed Roman Catholic, receiving the sacrament of confirmation in 1968 from the Detroit Diocese Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton. However, in light of revelations of institutionalized abuse of children by the Roman Catholic priest, I no longer practice Roman Catholicism.   

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CCO_EG said...

Maybe Mr. Robles will speak on it next time it's on the agenda, just make sure he speaks last!

Randy Bekker said...

Just curious as it is not being discussed by those that seem to be in favor of the building of the Oak Rose apts. 66 studio apts. with no inside or outside recreational area. No kitchen inside the studio or in the 4 conference rooms. The project does not comply with the OTSPA or the new apt. project on RxR st. Employee parking at the back of the property will need to access Public property to use their private parking. 35 bike racks that will allow residents to ride in an area with no side walks and a very narrow road way close to a very busy intersection. These residents having some type of addiction or disability with be within walking distance to a number of breweries, bars since the city over the last few years is revitalized the Old Town area night life. There is No Urbent care, medical or Hospital close since. UP train at times ties up Sheldon rd., Bond rd., Elk Grove Florin rd, and Elk Grove blvd. That leave only one fire house to respond and Grantline rd. Is the closest route to medical needs. The road is not safe enough for a bus to stop in front of the Apt. building, that the safest would to use the new library location parking lot. These residents will be filled by a county list that may not impact or help our homeless residents. Given this is a for profit business from SoCal. I ask you one question since the city is willing and has other properties why not find out if there is a better location that will offer better safer location for our future residents. These things may not matter to some but these are concerns that I want to know is there a better location that would provide a safer and better location.

CCO_EG said...

To answer your question Randy - the builders of Oak Rose do not need to compromise what they do with their land. It appears that the "small fish" Bonta agrees.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

As in the Danielson and Gill years, it won't be long until dam breaks again. Staff will have had enough and will be looking for help from those not chained down or muzzled by the Mayor!

And history will tell you, those who come to their aid won't be bullied, can't be bought, and will never up their sources.

Renegade said...

Maybe I'm all wrong here and if I am, please forgive me. But, even though I'm not Sherlock Holmes, it seems rather obvious that someone has been ghost-writing for Mr. Bekker on this site recently. A person's complete writing style, vocabulary, dialect, and spelling don't change over night.
Randy: don't let someone speak for you. You are entitled to YOUR thoughts, YOUR comments, don't let someone else take your voice from you. How dare someone speak for another under the guise of being the other person. I have my suspects as to who's behind this and it isn't pretty.
Speak for yourself, Mr. Bekker. People will respect you more than having another speak for you. I understand your messages and you're absolutely entitled to them, even though I may not agree many times.
I hope I'm wrong and I again apologize now if that's the case.
- Thanks Mr. Bekker for staying informed and opinionated. Too bad there aren't more citizens that care as you do.

Randy Bekker said...

Renegade, I appreciate your comment but I assure you I am one in the same and no one has ever ghost written for me or speaks for me. I hated English in school couldn’t put words together to make sentences. The use of “an” instead of and was a short cut to writing on the internet. These days as I have gotten better or more writing than I ever publicly did I am trying to do better. Not prefect but trying same for public speaking. Just a simple person trying to do better.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

So it looks like we have our very own Samuel Clemens!

"Negative Ghost Writer, the pattern is full"
-Top Gun-

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