EGN readers solve mystery of who played Elk Grove's 'Grover' mascot and the finding is Creepy; New Rat Mascot?

  Now for a little weekend humor and satire!   Like a sports team, Elk Grove has a mascot named Grover, although he/she/they is not as visib...


Now for a little weekend humor and satire!  

Like a sports team, Elk Grove has a mascot named Grover, although he/she/they is not as visible as it once was. 

The mascot would make appearances throughout Elk Grove and even venture outside of city limits, as seen in the picture above when Grover was seen celebrating at the now-demolished Arco-Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento.

While Grover was meant to amuse, they could be kind of creepy, as seen in the picture below. That kid was clearly creeped out.

But who had the task to wear the Grover suit has been a mystery. While it may be a thankless task, a couple of Elk Grove News readers have cracked the case.

Wearing one of those suits has to be hot and messy, so whoever got the task either enjoyed performing, or had experience, or preferably, both!

Based on an interview this high-level Elk Grove city official gave to the Elk Grove Citizen in 2016, we now are reasonably sure who is running around town creeping people, and especially kids, as Grover.

Here is a portion of that interview:
While attending high school in that state, Hobbs said that he  obtained a very unique job.

“I was the mouse at Chuck E. Cheese’s (restaurant),” he said. “In between being the mouse, I’d make pizzas. I was shorter as a kid and the mouse outfit had to be a certain size. So, I was the guy for it.”

Hobbs said that he found additional ways to enjoy his role as the restaurant’s mascot.

“What was kind of fun about it was when you would see other people that were there having pizza and having fun, classmates or whatever, you would go and kind of mess with them a little bit,” he  said. “They didn’t know who you were. And sometimes I’d tell them later and sometimes I wouldn’t. But it was a pretty fun experience."

So who is this high-placed highly-paid Elk Grove city employee who gets their kicks by being creepy? 

Find out on the next page...


If you guessed city attorney Jonathan Hobbs, you were right!

Given that Hobbs is one of the highest-paid municipal employees in the region, combined with giving taxpayers slipshod legal guidance while acting like former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr by being the personal attorney for the Queen Cat Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, and her four little boys, make that mice men - Darren, Kevin, Rod, and Sergio - at least he is doing something for all that money he earns and the cash he funnels to his Kronick Moskovitz rat buddies. 

So in keeping with his thrill of creeping people as the Chuck E. Cheese rat, another reader has a new proposed mask for Hobbs. At least this new mask will be truth in advertising!

So instead of Grover, maybe we taxpayers can get our money's worth from Elk Grove's newest mascot, Creepy Jon the Rat!


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