Are the Oak Rose, state lawsuits mutually exclusive? State lawsuit against Elk Grove still featured in AG's update

The letter Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen received from California Attorney General Rob Bonta 10 months ago warning them about fair housing violations. |

Even though it appears the Elk Grove and Excelerate Housing have a settlement over the Oak Rose lawsuit, Attorney General Rob Bonta is still highlighting California's fair housing lawsuits.

In a flurry of activity last week, Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen announced out of the Tuesday, January 11 closed meeting the city had a "settlement in principle" with the Oak Rose plaintiffs. Interestingly, two days before Singh-Allen's settlement statement, Elk Grove City Councilmember Darren Suen said the plaintiff's conditions were unacceptable. 

However, days before Suen conveyed that information to Elk Grove News last Sunday, a confidante of Singh-Allen and the city council offered a different narrative. On social media, Mr. Randy Bekker declared a settlement was imminent. 

As he does every week, on Sunday, California Attorney General Rob Bonta released an update highlighting recent activity. One of the activities he highlighted was a Tenant Protection Act settlement against a landlord for illegal rent increases.

In the TPA announcement, Bonta noted, "Attorney General Bonta is committed to protecting California renters and using the tools of DOJ to address California's housing crisis" and "In May 2023, the team filed a lawsuit against the City of Elk Grove, challenging the city's denial of a proposed supportive housing project in the city's Old Town Special Planning Area. In March 2023."

Of note, Excelerate Housing has not responded to inquiries seeking confirmation there is a "settlement in principle." While Singh-Allen said details of the the settlement being ironed out, could it be a delay tactic for the city?

Regardless, if the Oak Rose settlement comes to fruition, it is unclear what effect it will have on the state's fair housing lawsuit against Elk Grove. Bonta's repeated mention of the lawsuit against Elk Grove and the city's announcement of the settlement suggest they are mutually exclusive events.  

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