City council to amend ordinances, increase Elk Grove illegal firework fines

Following a multitude of complaints over the last several Fourth of July holiday celebrations, tonight, the Elk Grove City Council will amend and strengthen the city's fireworks ordinance.

Tonight, the city council will approve the increase of the minimum fines to $1,000 per violation for illegal fireworks with escalations. Additonally, there will be a mechanism for host responsibility citations for illegal fireworks. 

According to the staff report:

Under the proposed Schedule of Administrative Fines, a violation of Chapter 17.06 involving even a single dangerous firework would result in a $1,000 administrative fine, with a separate $1,000 fine applying to each and every separate dangerous firework found in violation. For example, if a person was observed using a dangerous firework, and then found possessing two additional dangerous fireworks, an administrative citation could be issued for three violations totaling $3,000. 

Although not mentioned in the report, the city council recently approved the police department's $2.1 million purchase of a drone system. One proposed use is enforcing fireworks violations. 

Tonight's meeting starts at 6 p.m. 

Photo by Cottonbro Studios via Pexels 

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1 comment

Deejay Blutarsky said...

I don't expect next year to be any different. To fine someone, you must first catch them, and when you call the number to file a complaint, the dispatcher wants to know the address. Well, when the shooting fireworks are flying over your house and booms are making your pets duck for cover, who knows where they came from. 

I sure hope those drone pilots have combat training, because come next 4th of July it will once again resemble a B-17 bombing raid over Germany with flak coming at them in all directions! 

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