Two residents at Ivy Park at Laguna honored with Keys to the City of Elk Grove

Mr. Oliver Bynum (left) and Ms. Orsula Hanna were presented a Key to Elk Grove during a 
celebration last week at Ivy Park at Laguna. Undated photos courtesy of Wright On Communications. |   

As customary, Elk Grove residents who reach 100 are presented with a Key to the City. Last week, two residents were honored for not only reaching that milestone but also exceeding it.

Honored on Thursday, June 27, for reaching 100-plus years were Oliver Bynum and Orsula Hanna. Mr. Bynum celebrated his 101st birthday, while Ms. Hanna celebrated 107 years at the Ivy Park at Laguna, where both reside. 

Both were born around the time of the First World War and experienced the Great Depression, followed by WWII. They were children when aviation was fledging and were able to see men walk on the moon. 

Orsula Hanna 

Orsula grew up in Pittsburgh and was born into a family of coal miners. She moved to California to pursue a better life and started a volunteer service at a local hospital. Orsula says she loves giving back and now spends her days working on her passion for sewing.  

Oliver Bynum. 
Oliver has had a diverse range of experiences. He fancies himself as a sports high roller, served for more than 40 years with the highway patrol department, and also worked in the Secretary of State’s office. His love for travel took him to foreign countries, enriching his perspective on the world. 

When asked what advice he could offer younger people, Mr. Bynum said, “Be independent, and don’t let anyone tell you what path you should follow in life!” 

Along with celebrating their birthdays with loved ones at Ivy Park, Vice Mayor Rod Brewer honored them with a Key to the City. 

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