Elk Grove News Minute Podcast - CNU hospital vote dodging and the Elk Grove City Council

On Wednesday, August 21, the Elk Grove City Council will hold a special meeting on behalf of California Northstate University and their proposed hospital. It is a crucial vote that will affect Elk Grove's future. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Not even a 'non-business' person like Dr. Alvin Cheung would go out and buy up a shopping center and other parcels without first checking in with the City Council to see if they would support his project.

You don't walk up to the check-in counter of the Biltmore and expect a room without large sums of money in your pocket! So why would Cheung expect City approvals of his hospital project without bringing large sums of money in his pockets too!

This obscure state bond financing mechanism requires City approval ('consent' is probably the more accurate term here) in order to proceed with the bond application. The Council, with Suen in absentia, will have us believe that their action on August 21st is merely a technicality and does not commit the City to any future decision on the project. Uh huh.

Well, then why is that bellboy at the Biltmore already carrying the luggage up to the room!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

If memory correctly serves me, when Mr. Jim Cooper was on the Elk Grove City Council did he not participate in a few city council meetings via video hookup when he was attending FBI training in Quantico? If in fact, Mr. Suen cannot participate in this meeting, given all the technologies available today, it is not possible to enable his participation so that it can be entered into the public record?

Regardless of whether Mr. Suen attends, there is no doubt the council will grant CNU’s request. The powers that be at city hall, including Mr. Suen, are, as suggested here, giving him a dodge from accountability in the 2020 election.  

In my world, this behavior called cowardice.

Josie said...

Am  to understand that Council member Suen will not be there to represent his districts interests at City Hall?  This is a decision that can undermine years of hard work and thousands of dollars that homeowners and business owners have invested in their properties. There is a hugh cost involved and he should be in attendance to represent his district.  Of course a medical emergency could suffice for not attending, but hopefully the next five (5) days will cure that ill. 

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