An atypical Republican, Jon Ivy enters 7th congressional district race as progressive challenger to Ami Bera

On Friday another candidate, in this case, a Republican has announced their entrance into the primary race for California's 7th congressional district against Democratic incumbent Dr. Ami Bera. What makes the announcement for Republican Jon Ivy more unusual is he is running on a platform to the left of Bera that would be more closely aligned with presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.   

Ivy's platform includes such progressive Democratic items as ending money bail, Medicare for all, and raising the federal minimum wage. On his website, Ivy says of Bera:

"While he is a registered Democrat, Ami Bera’s policies and votes in Congress have been consistently set against mainstream progressive values. He’s voted to refuse entry to war refugees. He’s voted to dismantle the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). He’s voted to rollback Dodd-Frank. He’s spent a great deal of his time raising money and taking meetings from industry lobbyists. He is unresponsive to the needs of his district, and he’s unresponsive to the needs of the United States of America."

On a Facebook exchange, when asked why he is running as a Republican, Ivy wrote the following response:

I don't think we should have a country where either of our two political parties are run by Nazis or giant corporations. And if every good guy runs as a Democrat, that means abandoning a huge chunk of our voters to being led by the worst people you can find. I think we can have a country where both of our two major parties are fighting for progressive, American values.

Here in California, the Democratic party has a super-majority. If there isn't an opposition party at all, then that means it's much easier for establishment politics to become insulated.

If I can convince Republican voters to abandon their bad leaders, to support progressive ideas, then we can rebuild the party into something that can compete with the Democratic establishment.

I don't want to run as a Republican to win this race; I want to win this race to help change the Republican Party and politics in our state and our nation.

And here in California, we have an open primary, where both Democrats and Republicans can vote for me (along with nonpartisan voters), and the top-two vote getters move on to the general election, regardless of party. I'd actually have a better chance of making it to the general election, if I ran as a Democrat. But I'd lose that general election if I can't rally the 48% of the district that is Republican along with the 20% that say they're progressive Democrats.

I think I can win, and I think I can show Republican voters a way to win in California: be progressives, like Lincoln.

As part of his launch, Ivy has released a campaign video that can be viewed below. 

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Unknown said...

The Republican Party welcomes new members and candidates who believe in our party's principles. Mr. Ivy will never convince Republican voters to accept the unsuccessful solutions now taking over the Democrat Party as offered by so-called progressives. Not sure what his game is here, but he shouldn't be taken seriously.

California's problems are serious, including unaffordable gas and housing, rising crime and homelessness. Not a time to be joking around. He's actually registered in the 6th Congressional District, so pretending to care about the voters in CD 7 is disingenuous.

We'll send him a copy of our Platform, in case he just got lost and checked the wrong box on his voter registration. If he's willing to support lower taxes, charter schools, freedom of speech - even for College Republicans - and 2nd Amendment rights, then we'll talk. Not going to hold my breath.

Betsy Mahan
Chair, SacCountyGOP

Jon Ivy, Progressive Republican for Congress said...

In response to Betsy:

There are two Republicans in the race. One is a far-right, Trump-loving fake who plans to use the race to sell books and has no plan to win. He lives in Long Beach. He's raised $30,000 by spending $25,000 on fundraising... not here, but in Long Beach. I don't think he's serious.

My apartment is in Natomas. So if you want to give me free exposure by telling everyone how "far away" from the district I currently live, go right ahead. Anyone who works for a living knows you get the apartment you can where you can.

Betsy here seems to support two things: 1) Keeping Ami Bera in office, and 2) collecting donation checks and spending the money poorly on bad campaigns.

Republicans Can Win. But we need real progressive leadership to do that.

If you're tired of losing, Betsy, then we'll talk. Until then, keep collecting those donation checks and spending the money on losing campaigns - I'm sure it's profitable for you and your friends.

-Jon Ivy (

Unknown said...

Jon - You know nothing of our Sacramento County operation because you have never been involved, and you don't support our policies if you are a so-called "progressive".

Yes, we are Trump loving conservatives who appreciate the lower taxes, security at the border, and support for our soldiers and veterans. He is keeping his promises and we will work to re-elect him in 2020.

Ami Bera will vote to impeach the President. That, along with many other votes will inspire people who live and vote in CD 7 to support someone else. You can't even vote for yourself, so not sure you will receive even one vote, unless of course you are funded by the Democrats just to make a joke of the process.

We're not laughing.

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