Guest Opinion - Elk Grove City Council Candidate Kevin Spease Is a Silent Republican; He Is No Democrat.

Why is Kevin Spease, a Republican, posting pictures with Democrats and Democratic Clubs on social media without ever actually mentioning that he is not a Democrat? Could it be that he knows he is in trouble for his city council race and is trying to find a way to fool voters? He may be a Trump Republican, or he may be a McClintock Republican, but don’t be fooled, he’s definitely not a Democrat.

Since Spease is going out of his way to put himself alongside Democrats and our institutions, this is an appropriate time to examine his record. Let’s start with the fact that Spease, a planning commissioner, has not uttered a word of objection regarding the Elk Grove Planning Commissions having no people of color and only one woman.  He has been repeatedly invited to state his opinion and to support diversity but has refused.  Democrats fight for equality and representation for all; Spease is no Democrat. 

Spease is endorsed by the corporate interests from outside of Elk Grove that do not care about our city and are dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy influence with politicians. Democrats fight against corporate influence; Spease is no Democrat.

In the three years since Trump was elected, Kevin Spease has not spoken out to condemn or even mildly criticize Trump or his administration. Despite obvious instances of racism, misogyny and corruption, Spease has been silent. Through child separations at the border, foreign election interference, and bigoted advisors in the White House, Spease has been silent.  Democrats use their voice to speak on behalf of the oppressed; Spease is no Democrat.

We still have many months between now and the November City Council elections.  However, it’s never too early to call out the hypocrisy of politicians that pretend to be one thing but behave like another. There are not enough ‘photo ops’ in the world to convince us that Republican Kevin Spease deserves to be in the same conversation as the Democrats that are fighting hard to represent the people of our community.

Kendra Lewis, President of the Elk Grove Democratic Club
Terry Schanz, Chair of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County
Amar Shergill, Chair of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party

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Randy Bekker said...

A gentleman an a scholar some one truly engaged in our community. Kevin is someone we need in our city who cares from his heart. I would ask why did Amar take down a picture he posted on his FB page of city, community leaders that was taken at the New Year Hmong festival that Kevin was in? I ask the 3 of you that co sponsor this letter what have you done for our city? What have you done that is not political? I fully support Kevin not because of politics but because of his commitment to our city, our community. He is a fine man that if you want to sling mud, you will be taken on a lot of folks. Your politics have done nothing to help Elk Grove. I would start looking in the mirror an ask about your own characters before you attack someone like Kevin. In a non partisan race it is about community, Kevin is that person. Out side monies you don’t need to go any farther than your own Steve Ly. Adding more seats on the Planning Commission to make more diverse. It was your own Steve Ly that choose candidates in which there were POC an a women candidate that he didn’t choose. One not taking a position does not make them worthy to perform there duties. Kevin was appointed to the position on the planning commission he does not need to make a political position on issues. Just adding to a commission as you want just opens it for the next person to complain an force their political will on those that make decisions. I close by challenging all of you to commit to our community like Kevin an Angela has done an continues to do without a political reason but to do it because it is the right thing to do!

Doc Souza said...

Once again far left progressives are desperately trying to tie Trump into a non partisan election. Why did Shergill post the selfie with Spease in it on his page and then remove it? Did he catch heat for that?
What do any of the authors do to help our city that doesn’t involve politics? Are they helping the non profits? Do they help the Elk Grove food bank? Do they help local veterans? Project ride? Chicks in crisis? Nope. Are they are at any non political community events? Nope.

Look forward to seeing the anonymous comments from people who wont use their own names.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Regarding the comments from Mr. Bekker and Mr. Souza, asking a party affiliation in a non-partisan race is as American as apple pie. Ask anyone who has run for a nonpartisan office who has knocked on the door of voters seeking support, and invariably party affiliation works its way into the conversation. To a large swath of voters, it matters.

The other part of this equation is the role of Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly. While a mayor, like a POTUS, should represent and be respectful to all constituents, there are times you have to question political affiliations.

Mr. and Ms. Spease are involved in civic matters, and perhaps Mr. Ly has availed himself to be in his company as recognition of their extensive community service. On the other hand, maybe Mr. Ly and Mr. Spease probably have individual political motives for establishing a relationship that they view as personally beneficial.

As the saying goes, politics can make for strange bedfellows.

Doc Souza said...

The only ones who care about party affiliation in local races are the progressives. They must be getting desperate if they need to try this. They’re mad at Suen and Nguyen for supporting Detrick and Hume. They’re mad they supported the DA last year.

Brian Laurence said...

Seats on the City Council are non-partisan and party politics should not be a part of the council conversation. If Kevin is a Republican, Libertarian or other party affiliation different from the Democrats, then I would applaud his efforts to engage in bipartisan collaboration whenever possible in the interests of our community. Elk Grove needs thoughtful leaders who will serve in the best interests of everyone regardless of party affiliation. Kevin is deeply tied the Elk Grove community through all of his work with not just one but almost all of the non-profits here in elk grove not to mention his work with the Chamber of Commerce, and the support he provides the small businesses of Elk Grove.

Spoons and Forks said...

Here is something to ponder. Kevin has been interested since at least 2014 in holding elected office in Elk Grove. He got appointed to the planning commission by Gary Davis, then ran against Davis in 2016 before he dropped out of the race.

Now he looks to run for Steve Detrick's seat next year. If he were not running for office, would he be so interested in all this civic service, or is his and Angela's high visibility the result of raw political ambition? It is a fair question to ask any candidate.

I say if you are genuinely interested in helping others, you do it without fanfare. Anything else is just self serving. Kevin is doing this to promote himself. After all, character is doing the right thing when no one is watching, but Kevin makes sure everyone sees his actions.

Randy Bekker said...

Funny thing Spoons an Forks,
Kevin was giving to our community long before his interest in city politics. In fact lots of people that give them selves to community service runs for a local office. There is a lot more un photographed Community Service that Kevin is involved in. That has nothing to do with political aspersions. I think Kevin wanting to serve his city in elected capacity shows he is interested in serving the community not his political party. I see from this letter that Anyone associated with this letter, their local political party I would question their intentions. I will even go as far as expecting anyone running to denounce this letter, those affiliated with this letter an publicly oppose this type of behavior. I expect Maureen Craft to denounce such divisive behavior an the political bias that is in this letter since she has announced she is running. Once again I call on you an the others that use aliases to come forward with your names an stand behind your words. Let’s see the transparency!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

All this shameless groveling. ...

Josie said...

Spease does seem to be using a different tactic in what could be an Appointment/Candidate for District 3. That tactic would be problematic for me to support him. I'll see how he proceeds in the future with this. Open your eyes and you can easily see what I speak of...

Doc Souza said...

Sporks, no one would put in that much time volunteering just to get elected. Rotary, the chamber, serving on various boards. Most of which is out of the public eye. Helping veterans like he does. No, that’s not to get elected.
At least have the integrity to use your real name.

Doc Souza said...

Josie, how is it an appointment candidate? There’s going to be an election. No incumbent.

Doc Souza said...

Dan should be happy. This is the most views he’s had on a post that wasn’t shared on EGLF. 😉

White Hat said...

Priceless coming from a "Bernie"supporter! Shergill could use a few lessons from Kevin Spease about what it means to care about your community. I will support Kevin any day knowing he honestly cares about Elk Grove! Shergill, your racism comments are getting stale!

Atticus Finch said...

A thought provoking, articulate, and cogent narrative can be promulgated with or without posting one's real name. Being anonymous in no way discredits one's arguments. Ghost writers and whistle blowers prove no less worthy or credible than named authors. I posit that we need these unnamed individuals to keep the rest of us honest. "What's in a name?"

Atticus Finch said...

A thought provoking, articulate, and cogent narrative can be promulgated with or without posting one's real name. Being anonymous in no way discredits one's arguments. Ghost writers and whistle blowers prove no less worthy or credible than named authors. I posit that we need these unnamed individuals to keep the rest of us honest. "What's in a name?"

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