Lungren to host Elk Grove town hall meeting

Republican congressman Dan Lungren has scheduled a town hall meeting in Elk Grove on Tuesday, March 25 at the Elk Grove City Hall. The meeti...

Republican congressman Dan Lungren has scheduled a town hall meeting in Elk Grove on Tuesday, March 25 at the Elk Grove City Hall. The meeting will be held from 7 to 8:30 pm.

As with most of Lungren's town hall meetings, the congressman will discuss three topics - health care, immigration and energy issues.

Of no small coincidence, Lungren's town hall meeting is scheduled at a time when the two-term congressman faces a legitimate challenge from Democrat Bill Durston. According to the Sacramento Union (pg. 9), Republican registrations in California's 3rd Congressional district have decreased from the last election cycle.

In the same edition, The Union also opines Lungren would be their choice for Attorney General in a McCain administration.

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Anonymous said...

Lungren seems wiling to talk about anything but what's probably the most pressing issue in Elk Grove today. Home values. The dying dollar.

Many of the folks in Elk Grove are struggling homebuyers who earn their daily bread by commuting long distances to jobs that pay the same amount in dollars are worth less every day.

You’ll notice, perhaps, that such a succinct and straightforward summarization of this current situation does not come from a US news network, a California newspaper or a Sacramento TV station.

In ‘Dollar falls to new low’ The Independent/UK reports online:
Fears that stresses in credit markets and the world economy as a whole are deteriorating despite central bank help hit financial markets today, sinking global stocks and sending the dollar tumbling.

The dollar hit another record low against the euro and fell below 100 Japanese yen for the first time in 12 years, underlining concerns among monetary officials about extreme currency moves.

Oil, meanwhile, was at a record high above $110 a barrel and gold was closing in on $1,000 an ounce. Wall Street looked set for a sharply lower opening while
European shares were down around 2 per cent and Japanese equities lost more than 3 per cent.

In the latest credit market fallout, an affiliate of US-based buyout firm Carlyle Group, Carlyle Capital Group defaulted on about $16.6bn of debt.

"This is going to be a nail-biting day," said Paul Mendelsohn, chief investment strategist at Windham Financial Services in the US state of Vermont. "The dollar seems to be going into a free-fall."

Investors shrugged off any remaining vestiges of the euphoria experienced earlier in the week from US Federal Reserve-led moves to provide liquidity to credit markets.

"We are entering dollar crisis mode," said Derek Halpenny, currency economist at BTM-UFJ in London.

Full story at:

So, Dan, how are the people in Elk Grove handling this?

Are they so meekly content with it they are merely pasting “gone fishin’” signs on their doors, dropping the keys to their foreclosed homes in the mailboxes and heading off to parts unknown where they will sleep in their SUVs until they can establish a new false identity?

Or are they angry enough to do something about it? Maybe lynch a few Lungrens and other Republicans who connived to profit while letting this happen to the people?

What’s the word on the Elk Grove streets?

Anonymous said...

I live in elk grove. I agree with most of what you say and my job seems secure at the moment, despite horrible news every day.

I imagine that we are experiencing something similar to Germans living during the Wiemar Republic right before the rise of the third reich.

violence is exactly what the globalist bankers who have hijacked our government want. They want people to start a war and want bleeding tyranny....

the big picture is far too complicated and it takes research on the enemy to understand its weaknesses and strike accordingly.

We need people who have read sun tzu's (machiavelli's as well) Art of War, and who have seen 1984, and understand who the Rothschild Dynasty has come to power.

People who paid attention in history class to reeducate the masses about how the fiat money system works and how we can use our rights, that are vanishing as we speak, to enact laws that create a new currency backed by something of value as opposed to something backed by an idea.

We need these people to get people to want to learn and give a damn, for America, established 233 years ago. 233 years is not a really long amount of time, considering how long tyranny, despotism, and persistent gilded ages, where there is NO middle class. There are kings, administrators and peasants.

The wealth has been aggregated into the hands of a few and they still depend on us to stay in power. There are only a handful of them. Yet many of us. Yet, they are supremely deft compared to the majority america's population. They are willfully ignorant and such were not the people during the age of the formation of america 233 years ago.

Now is the time to act and lead, or acquiesce in subservience to the monetary masters.

There are many possibilities and the window of opportunity is closing fast due to the fact that the internet has reached wide audiences around the world and there is a source for information that isn't regulated and programmed especially as a tool for control of the minds of the many.

good luck and remember if the new world order doesn't arise out of this situation and the dollar crashes and shtf in America, there are people out there that care and will help you but violence isn't the answer. Harmony is....

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