Does Lungren's Recent Voting Record Reflect The Needs of Elk Grove?

Third-term Congressman votes against child health care, woman's work rights and stimulus bill; Do...

Third-term Congressman votes against child health care, woman's work rights and stimulus bill; Does party loyalty trump constituent needs?

How accurately does our member of Congress, Republican Dan Lungren, represent the interests of Elk Grove?

Consider the first three major pieces of legislation that have come before the Lungren and members of the 111th Congress:
  • The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act signed into law by President Obama which addresses workplace gender pay equality.
  • Expanded children health care program which will provide health insurance to uninsured children of working families.
  • The economic stimulus program.
Of no small coincidence, Lungren moved in lockstep with fellow GOP's and voted against woman's pay equality, children's health care and a package, though imperfect, to stimulate our constricting economy. Can Elk Grove, facing the the most dire economy since the Great Depression, afford for our member of congress to vote solely along party lines without giving consideration to the very immediate needs of our district? Given Lungren's first votes of this session, it appears he is beholden to the needs of his party and not of his constituents. Photo courtesy of Randy Bayne,

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the use of my copyrighted work - the photo of Dan Lungren - but my Creative Commons license stipulates that you must attribute the work.

Please attribute this photo to Randy Bayne, It was taken during the 2006 campaign at a debate in Elk Grove.

Anonymous said...

I too, have been very upset with the way Dan Lungren has been voting party line, supporting Bushe's failed policies, and NOT representing his constituents. How he got re-elected I can only attribute to people's lack of knowldedge. We need to make sure more of his voting record is made public. Thanks for bringing this up.

Anonymous said...

His voting is not a problem for those of us who look past the title of the legislation. "Fair Pay", "Children's health care". We look into the consequences of such bills. Keep up the good work!

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