New Print Competition For Old Roy’s Elk Grove Citizen

Battle of Elk Grove Media Titans - Elk Grove’s online behemoth takes on print behemoth In today’s US mail, Elk Grove postal customers ...

Battle of Elk Grove Media Titans - Elk Grove’s online behemoth takes on print behemoth

In today’s US mail, Elk Grove postal customers were greeted with a new print product – Elk Grove Monthly.

A glossy magazine, EGM is a new product offering from the local online giant, Elk Grove Online.

While postal customers are accustomed to seeing the PennySaver, The Clipper, the Bee’s MVP and whole array of junk mail, EGO is attempting to diversify from being a wholly online advertising and chat forum enterprise. Although this has certainly happened before, it is the first time in recent memory (at least locally) an online enterprise has entered the print media.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out for both entities.

For EGO, the upside is good. As it does not have a news staff to pay, strong local brand identity and a limited staff for the glossy, it has a good chance of eating into display revenues of the Citizen.

For the Citizen, the new glossy could be troublesome. With a far higher readership than the Citizen, EOL now has the ability to offer deeper market penetration for its advertisers.

The Citizen also faces other challenges:

- Attempts to relax public notice advertising requirements. Last year for instance, The California Self Storage Association lobbied to allow posting of lien sales on online sites such as Craigslist. Although the California Newspaper Publisher Association fought back, you can bet businesses and government agencies will continue to seek changes to the costly public notices printing requirements.
- Speaking of public notices, foreclosures activity will eventually slow down. For the Citizen, that is bad news. The Citizen has been running about nine pages of foreclosures notices per edition for well over a year. This is significant revenue. It will be hard to replace this revenue.
- By its very nature, a print publication is not timely. For instance Elk Grove News Net posted a news story over a week ago about MV Transportation’s campaign contributions to local city council members, while the Citizen published their story today.

While in no way do we wish the Citizen any ill-will, in fact we really admire its longevity, it will be interesting to see how the changing face of the media plays out in Elk Grove.

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Read said...

"Five Stars for this leader, fellow truth seeker and friend!"

ROY HERBURGER has been THE MAN to watch for FIFTY YEARS... a LIVING LEGACY in his own time, HERBURGER has made THE ART OF BEING a renaissance man A WAY of LIFE... SHOWING and sharing OUR LOCAL HISTORY to us all as the COMMUNITY and CULTURE of AMERICA changed under his WATCHFUL and discerning eye. BENEFICIARY TO SCHOOLS, OUTREACH organizations, CHURCHES and chamber. HERBURGER has EARNED A PLACE AMONG local HISTORY MAKERS and future shapers as a LEADER among BUSINESS MEN and a FRIEND TO ALL in the community. FEW WILL ever hope to RIVAL the ROY HERBURGER COMMITMENT to ETHICS, sound BUSINESS practice and DEDICATION TO FAMILY and COMMUNITY.

Anonymous said...

Family? Wonder if his ex-wife would agree?

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Caps on all words are yelling?????????

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