Elk Grove Voters to Decide on Directly Elected Mayor

Elk Grove voters will be given the opportunity during the November general election to decide on whether or not they want to directly elect...

Elk Grove voters will be given the opportunity during the November general election to decide on whether or not they want to directly elect their mayor. The unanimous decision was made at last night’s regular meeting of the Elk Grove City Council.

Currently the mayor’s position is held on a one-year term by a member of the city council and is elected by the council. The mayor is primarily responsible for conducting the council meetings and performing ceremonial functions.

While the council unanimously decided to put the question on the November ballot, they disagreed on whether there should be four or six council members and a mayor.

If voters decide to directly elect a mayor, the city would need to be redistricted to either four or six districts. The mayor be an at-large position while council member would continue to run on a “from district” basis citywide.

Council member Gary Davis said he favored six council members and a mayor because having four district would eliminate one district. “That would make for awkward politics,” Davis said.

While council members Jim Cooper, Steve Detrick and Mayor Sophia Scherman agreed with Davis, Hume said he felt that the council needed only five members.

“I am not in favor of six,” Hume said. “I think we work efficiently as a five member council.”

The council also discussed how the redistricting would be accomplished. City staff suggested that an independent consultant be hired to redraw district lines.

Cooper noted that the last time district lines were redrawn the council ended up using the work of a citizens group rather than the hired consultant. Cooper also said that a consultant could cost the city up to $50,000.

“The citizens did a better job,” Cooper said.

The council ultimately decided to put two measures on the ballot; one for four districts and a mayor and the other for six members and a mayor. No final decision was made on how to redistrict should either one of the measures passes.

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Phillip Stark said...

I only like it if the mayor is elected by majority vote... (50% +1 or better). If a mayor can be elected with 25% of the vote then forget it.

6 districts plus the mayor (swing vote) makes sense with a population of 140,000 people.

Elk Grove Politics said...

Is Hume willing to give up his District? I got an email that District 2 would be district most vulnerable because it is the largest geograhically and the would be easiest one to split up between District 3 (Detrick) and District 5 (Scherman). The West side is already voter heavy. It is the East side that needs to be evened out.

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