Part III - With Six Months To Go, Davis and Hume Have No Announced Opponents

Davis and Hume: Cash and Issues will Determine Success Although Elk Grove City Council members Gary Davis and Pat Hume have served toget...

Davis and Hume: Cash and Issues will Determine Success

Although Elk Grove City Council members Gary Davis and Pat Hume have served together for four years, their paths to reelection are likely to be much different. In our view the key to winning another term for both will boil down to having enough cash to mount a campaign and policy success.


When Pat Hume challenged incumbent Rick Soares to the Elk Grove City Council District 2 seat in 2006, he had high name recognition that came from serving as Sophia Scherman’s appointee on the Elk Grove Planning commission for the city’s first six years of existence. On top of that, Hume enjoyed a favorite son status given his family’s deep roots in the community.

Hume was able to leverage his planning commissioner position and his favorite son status into a very successful cash machine that raised in excess of $210,000. Much of that money came from real estate developers like Reynen & Bardis.

By comparison Soares reported $118,000 in campaign funding with $82,000 coming from a personal loan he made to his campaign. Soares, who had become quite unpopular by 2006, had never been a prolific fundraiser.

Backed by his good name and overwhelming money advantage, Hume was able to carve out a non-majority (40%) win in a four way race.

The current money outlook for Hume is not nearly as favorable this year. According to his latest statement, Hume has a cash balance of $19,000 having raised a $13,000 in 2009 with liabilities of $25,000. Hume’s largest contributor was e-Tran operator MV Transportation who donated $5,000.

This year should not be a bountiful one for Hume given the current condition of the real estate and the builders who showered him with cash in 2006. One of Hume largest benefactors, Reynen & Bardis has gone bankrupt.

With respect to issues to run on, Hume has seemingly hung his whole agenda on the sphere of influence (SOI). The question for Hume is whether or not the SOI will hang like an albatross around his neck.

The recent removal of the Cosumnes River floodplain from the SOI was a major defeat for Hume and a major victory for fellow council member Gary Davis who proposed the removal. With the exception of his advocacy of the SOI, Hume doesn’t really have any major individual accomplishment to point to.

Hume’s SOI debacle drew ire from a wide swath of differing local interests that he will have trouble overcoming. It is never good for an incumbent to be compared to Herbert Hoover vis-à-vis placards calling the proposed SOI area “Humeville.”

The SOI could also hamper fundraising efforts. What is to keep the property owners in the SOI area and residential real estate developers who Hume seemed to be advocating for, from recruiting another candidate?

Ironically if real estate interests recruit another candidate more to their liking, i.e. someone who can get the SOI through LAFCO, and one or two other candidates enter the race, Hume’s incumbent advantage might be enough to squeak out a win. This is after all the how Hume’s mentor, Mayor Sophia Scherman, has been able to cling to her city council seat.

Outside of a multi-candidate field or facing just one really weak opponent, the count-down on the end of the Hume era may have already started.

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Malleus Codex said...

Pat has never ever replied back to me on several emails regarding an issue which was very important to me. I guess he was too busy with the developer pimps. I would never reelect Pat Hume. He is arrogant, apparently threatens citizens (albeit not criminally), talks down from his high seat, and regularly dismisses residents concerns. VOTE HIM OUT ASAP!!

Phillip Stark said...

Actually... I agree with most of what Pat Hume has tried to do. A charter... elected mayor... majority vote by districts to name a few. I believe it was Pat who spearheaded getting those things reviewed and officially discussed. Sure.... the commissions failed miserably and there was some disturbing political mischief BUT, I think we should allow credit where credit is due and Pat did try and see those important issues come to fruition. Another area that Pat deserves to be given credit is with the forming of the redevelopment agency. He and Gary were pivotal in getting that done and Pat has always been a strong advocate for our historic district. I did disagree with his position on the SOI but I truly believe he felt the city could protect it better so will allot him the benefit of the doubt. When the sun goes down at the end of the day, Pat deserves some recognition for a decent days work. However... I also believe as planning commissioner he was part of the problem during that period in our history. For that, I can't find myself voting for him... or anyone else like him who's officially contributed to our communities demise these past ten years. And I believe his private antics reflect poorly on his ability to avoid embarrassing situations.

It's time for another generation of leaders to come to the forefront. Time for leaders filled with fresh outlooks and new ideas and new 'eyes toward our future'. Leadership with a strong motivation and a deep desire to facilitate a change that motivates and endorses our working up to (and toward) our full potential. Leaders loyal and honest toward those they serve rather than disobedient toward an ethical (and civil) code of conduct.

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