Lungren Fields Questions, Hears Concerns During Elk Grove Town Hall Meeting

Says health care legislation will be "revisited" Congressman Dan Lungren (R-Gold River) fielded several questions and listened t...

Says health care legislation will be "revisited"

Congressman Dan Lungren (R-Gold River) fielded several questions and listened to constituent concerns during a town hall meeting held in Elk Grove last night. 

Congressman Dan Lungren (left) talks with a constituent.

Although the meeting was not as well attended and boisterous as meetings Lungren held during last summer's Congressional recess at the height of the health care debate, the meeting held at Elk Grove's Wackford Center was attended by several dozen people. Lungren heard from constituents on a wide range of topics from housing and the economy, Social Security, health care to theories regarding the 9-11 attacks.

After a brief introduction by Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Detrick, Lungren addressed the audience on the federal debt, budget deficits, Social Security and health care.

Using a flowchart to show the complexity of the new health care passed and signed into law by President Obama. "I don't believe this is the way to solve the problem," Lungren said.

While he did not offer a specific solutions, Lungren seemed to be implying Republicans will win a majority of seats in the November Congressional elections when he said "This [health care] is something that is going to be revisited." Although there has been much talk of a a possible Republican takeover following the November elections, ironically Lungren faces a strong challenge from Democrat Dr. Ami Bera in a race that has drawn national attention.


Lungren also spoke about a budget plan from Congressman Paul Ryan, (R-Wis.) the so-called "roadmap" proposal. Ryan's "roadmap" has been the subject of much criticism by opponents who claim its aim is to cut several entitlement programs.

Lungren said has the plan has been mis-characterized. "He [Ryan] wants to save the programs," he said.

The audience was urged to review the program and see what they think for themselves. "Take a look at it and give me your feedback," Lungren said.

After his presentation, Lungren fielded several questions from the audience. One lady in the audience told Lungren he is in her daily prayers, but challenged his assertion that Social Security face insolvency.

Another person in the audience suggested that the World Trade Center attacks were not as they appeared, which Lungren rejected.

"I don't question your sincerity," Lungren told the man, but added there is no evidence to support alternate theories regarding the collapse of the skyscrapers.

Lungren also was able to reference a recent incident where he was pulled over for speeding while conducting a radio interview on Sacramento's KFBK. When a member of the audience lighted-heartedly suggested Lungren join him at his home to talk over a glass of wine, he quickly quipped, "I got to be careful with my dirivng."

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