Elk Grove Dems Rally Around Candidates at Fundraiser

   Bera’s status against Lungren buoys event  Dr. Ami Bera addresses supporters A spirited group gathered at an Elk Grove ...

  Bera’s status against Lungren buoys event

Dr. Ami Bera addresses supporters
A spirited group gathered at an Elk Grove restaurant last night for a fundraiser and to support local Democratic candidates.

Organized by the Elk Grove Community Connection and the Elk Grove South County Democratic Club, dozens of supporters gathered to snack, talk politics and lend support to several candidates.

Delivering the keynote speech was Dr. Ami Bera who is running for Congress against Republican Dan Lungren for California’s 3rd district. Bera’s campaign has been in the national spotlight as the race has been classified a “tossup.”

Bera said the 2010 election was more important than 2008 as it will indicate what direction the country will go for the next several years. Bera said when Republicans are asked what their agenda is should they take control of Congress, he said they have stated they would return to their pre-2006 agenda.

“I don’t want to go back to that agenda,” Bera told the enthused gathering.

Acknowledging the closeness of his race and his campaign's momentum, Bera noted his campaign’s large group of volunteers who have made more that 225,000 phone or personal contacts would make the difference.

“This is something the Republicans cannot duplicate,” he said.

(l-r) Gary Davis, Genevieve Shiroma and Doug McElroy.
Along with Bera, other candidates who spoke were Elk Grove Council Member Jim Cooper who is running for Sacramento County Sheriff, Elk Grove City Council Member Gary Davis who is running for reelection, Elk Grove City Council candidate Davies Ononiwu, SMUD Director  Genevieve Shiroma who is running for a fourth term, Board of Equalization District 2 candidate Chris Parker and Cosumnes Community Services District candidates Rob Brewer and Doug McElroy.

Cooper, who is in a tight race against Scott Jones, cited his long law enforcement career and experience on the Elk Grove City Council saying that he has the leadership skills so desperately need now at the department.

“We can make it better, but it starts at the top,” Cooper said.

Cooper also referenced current sheriff John McGinness, a semi-regular guest on local radio station KFBK, who has endorsed Jones.

Jim Cooper said the sheriff's department needs a change
in leadership starting at the top.
“It is a great department looking for leadership,” Cooper said. “[McGinness] is more interested in talking on the radio than administering the department.”

Organizers of the event were pleased with the enthusiasm and their slate of candidates saying it was a great success.

"This first ever event was a complete success. We were thrilled at the turnout and it was wonderful to see our local candidates interacting with members of our community,” Elk Grove Community Connection representative Connie Conley said. “Great conversation, great food while supporting local businesses - winning combination for sure."

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James said...

I stopped by to check this out, besides the candidates, their staff and the bitter brigade there was were maybe 10 people in attendance. Good thing those unions coughed up to make this a "huge success"

Josie said...

Aaaah James, that "bitter brigade" word again. It surprises me that you are so obsessed with that...I'm looking, trying to find you a better word since it seems that it's actually getting the best of you. Sounding real unhappy, poor baby...didn't you get invited? Well, I didn't either and I'm sad too.

Phillip Stark said...

I prefer LUNGREN over bera. I hope the majority of voters will too. James... it's always like that.

Elk Grove Politics said...

Someone give James a little help with this math. Poor guy! Since you were there James, did you pay $25 or did you crash what was a great event? As EGN reported, it was a great turnout.

But keep sucking on your sour grapes James.

And BTW, this event was paid for by a citizen out of their personal checking account, not a PAC! (Just like the fundraiser at Crush 29 you also crashed -- only you didn't pay the $100, did you? You stiffed Pat Hume!!)

But you keep on trying James and we will keep coming back with the truth because you look oh so silly.

Hey Josie, you keep trying to save James from himself and continued embarrassment, but to no avail.

Josie said...

I think it's too late for James. Seems this "bitter brigade" and the latest word, "infectious", is turning him into someone we don't want to know. Maybe therapy can help him from becoming this ugly person. I have heard that people with obsessions and a persistent disturbing preoccupation with their feelings can sometimes be helped through therapy.

It does make me wonder though, WHY is James so obsessed with Ms. Conley???

Read todays Comics "For Better Or For Worse", maybe it will cheer you up.

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