Elk Grove Mayor Scherman Asked to Follow Decorum on Dais

Scherman bitter over failure to be appointed to SOI sub-committee During last night’s Elk Grove City Council meeting Mayor Sophia Scher...

Scherman bitter over failure to be appointed to SOI sub-committee

During last night’s Elk Grove City Council meeting Mayor Sophia Scherman was openly criticized by  a fellow council member following a vote on formation of a sub-committee to monitor the city’s sphere of influence (SOI) application.

The formation of the sub-committee to monitor the SOI application was placed on the agenda at the request of Council Member Gary Davis. At a meeting earlier this year Davis took the lead on a citizen-driven movement that got the SOI application modified to remove the Cosumnes River 100-year floodplain.

At last night's meeting, the popularity of the sub-committee membership was evident as all members except Pat Hume volunteered to serve. Hume, who suffered a political defeat when the floodplain was removed from the SOI application, said he felt the formation was not necessary saying it “impedes the flow of information.”

Cooper countered saying the City of Folsom’s recent SOI application had a sub-committee that helped facilitate their process. “They found that one to be very effective,” Cooper said.

After hearing public testimony, Davis made a motion to form a sub-committee with Cooper and himself.  

Hume takes cue from Scherman

Before Davis’ motion could be made voted on, Hume, seemingly taking a cue from Scherman who asked “any further motions,” made a substitute motion to appoint Cooper and Scherman to the serve. That motion was voted on first and was defeated by a 3-2 vote with Cooper, Davis and Detrick voting no and Hume and Scherman voting yes.

The first motion for Cooper and Davis to serve was then voted on and passed by the 3-2 with each of the voting blocks flipping their votes.

Just before casting her no vote Scherman prefaced it by bitterly saying “I am not surprised.”

“That wasn’t very nice,” Cooper quickly said.

“Mayor, with all due respect, I think that a little bit of decorum is expected up here,” Davis said. “The side comments - I’ve bit my tongue a long time, I would appreciate if you would leave the side comments quiet.”   

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Elk Grove Politics said...

Hume and Scherman are really coming unglued. Anger management or sandbox time. Either way, nice example for the students in the audience appointed to the Youth Commission!

john 11 said...

How do we let her get away with this. She has made the position of Mayor a joke.. Good Job Gary and Jim for calling her on it.

Josie said...

I believe it's called "Paranoid" OR...what is that old saying I've heard, "give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves".

We, the public, expect a certain amount of maturity and decorum from our City Council Members as you expect from the public. Being rude & insensitive to other people is unacceptable behavior. The public DOES expect their elected officials to abide by ethical behavior, proper decorum and rules at ALL times. Be respectful to fellow council members when in public. (do not make gestures, SNIDE remarks, facial expressions or eye rolling) If you want to flip them off, do it in the parking lot...out of my sight!

OK, Bring in the sandbox, not mature enough for anger management yet!

Phillip Stark said...

With all due respect to Gary Davis... he supported Scherman's last election campaign and it was his support, I'm sure, that got her re-elected. Why is it folks can't see who they're voting for until AFTER the election. We had a chance to replace Scherman in 04 and again in 08. Once a fool? Nope... thrice. We got what we deserve.

Anonymous said...

Well, Philip . . . maybe you endorsed the wrong candidate against Scherman in 2008. It's never been a secret how vindictive Sophia can be (and has been), but by 2 to 1, Sophia kicked Katherine and me like red-headed step children.

Now's a good chance to get rid of Hume though, Scherman puppet that he is (one of many unworthy flaws), and his ouster from the council would be a blessing for Elk Grove.


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