Johnson Signs 'Clean Campaign' Pledge

Elk Grove City Council District 4 candidate Jimmie Johnson  has agreed to sign the Elk Grove Clean Campaign Pledge. In a sort of one-up...

Elk Grove City Council District 4 candidate Jimmie Johnson  has agreed to sign the Elk Grove Clean Campaign Pledge.

In a sort of one-upmanship that is dominating the early stage of the three way race between challengers Johnson and James White against incumbent Gary Davis, Johnson initially issued a campaign finance limit agreement to all city council candidates that was rejected by all candidates except for White who already had self-imposed limits on his campaign.

Following this move, Davis then issued his "Elk Grove Clean Campaign Pledge."

Although Johnson signed it, in e-mail correspondence to local media, he issued the following statement:

I will gladly sign any pledge to run a clean campaign. Elk Grove has a history of political campaigns littered with rumors, factual untruths, and gossip concerning the candidates’ private lives. These have no place in a City Council campaign. The campaign should center on the issues, the policies the candidates support, and who is best suited to get Elk Grove back on track. I do not need a pledge to do the right thing and run a clean campaign – and neither should Gary Davis.

Like any challenger, my campaign will focus on 1) proposing new policies, a new vision, and a new direction for our town, and 2) debating whether the incumbent’s record is good enough to deserve re-election.

How my opponent has performed in office shows the voters how he would continue to perform if re-elected. An incumbent should be proud of his record, and willing to debate it without qualification. If Gary Davis’ pledge recognizes that the People of Elk Grove have a right to discuss his record, show me where to sign.

However, if Gary Davis believes that debating his past actions as a City Councilmember is somehow “dirty” or “disrespectful,” and his pledge is nothing more than a gambit to protect himself from having to defend his record, he is doing a disservice to the People of Elk Grove.
In response, Davis wrote:
I am excited about discussing my record on jobs, public safety, and our local economy. For the sake of the City, it is important we stay positive and focussed on the issues as I did four short years ago when Elk Grove elected me to bring about positive change.
The third candidate in the race, James White, said he has not signed the pledged noting that all the candidates have already signed the "Code of Fair Campaign Practices."

"Is this campaign about signing pledges, or helping the people of Elk Grove," White added. "My position is to stay away from Jimmie Johnson and Gary Davis’ games."

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