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Directed by David O. Russel Starring: Mark Wahlberg , Christian Bale , Amy Adams , Melissa Leo The story captures the dynamic relations...

The story captures the dynamic relationship between the oldest sibling Dicky Ecklund who is the black sheep of the family (Christian Bale,) and the youngest brother Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) the redeemer. It questions the posibilities of dreams coming true, if only we push aside the things that hold as back, even if the main hinderance is family.

Dicky had his moment of glory back when he was in a straight and narrow path towards greatness, having been able to knock out Sugar Ray Leonard. He failed to follow through since he had succumbed to smoking crack in his spare time.

In due time, Dicky lost his opportunities and is now living through his younger brother's abilities in the ring.

A contrast to Dicky is his little brother Mickey, ever faithful and ever loyal, he takes up boxing as the main bread winner of the clan. To take care of his mother and his full litter of sisters, he has to box, even if it means boxing agains a boxer twice his size. Mickey's loyalty is put to the test when he is offered better training contracts from a different management. Everything also gets complicated when he meets Charlene, played amazingly by Amy Adams, tough as nails bar tender chick who even stands up to a flock of angry women in one scene. Infuriated at his brothers lack of regard to their family, Mickey sets his priorities straight by excluding his family in his career. A full support from Charlene, he sets out to achieve glory without being held back by his stifling family.

As always, Christian Bale plays his character perfectly, pathetic and arrogant. A perfect picture of a once flourishing athlete, now in the pitfalls of regret and addiction. True to his performance is the physical change that Christian had to go through to play a drug addicted ex-boxer. Fit enough to handle real punches and blows, but skeletally thin as a drug addict. Also a scene stealer was the matriarch of the family Alice Ward, played by Melissa Leo, a street wise lady and tough as nails when it comes to managing her family. Melissa Leo captured a mother in denial about her drug addicted son, and her absent minded support for the other perfectly. Like many mothers in the world, she lays the guilt trip thick, forgoing Mickey's chance to shine just to keep the boxing business within the family. A mother needing to be needed, Melissa Leo captures the heart of a woman in the brink of a meltdown in the process of letting her two boys mature, no matter how late that maturation would be for Dicky.

The boxing sequnces were also delivered very well, it was said that Mark Wahlberg was actually taking real punches during the fight scenes in the ring. It was also said that Manny Pacquiao trained Wahlberg for the fighting sequences.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 hearts. I loved every scene, every character, the star quality deliverance each actor had brought fort from their performances. I would not be suprised if Christian Bale and Melissa Leo gets nominated for Oscars this year. Brilliant movie.

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