Bored to tears at EGCC meeting

During last Wednesday's Elk Grove City Council meeting I was chatting with colleagues from the Elk Grove Citizen and Elk Grove Patch in ...

During last Wednesday's Elk Grove City Council meeting I was chatting with colleagues from the Elk Grove Citizen and Elk Grove Patch in the lobby. It was during a particularly dry portion of the meeting.

My Citizen colleauge wondered if he had enough time to run to for some fast food before one particular item while my Patch colleauge had came to the meeting in time for the "Christmas Tree" discussion. We all agree the meeting was long and boring.

At about that moment I let out a long yawn at which time a few tears came to my eye. I was literally bored to tears.

Don't get me wrong, there were some interesting moments such as Elk Grove Council member Pat Hume's former-rich financial backer and now bankrupt real estate developer Christo Bardis coming hat-in-hand to the council hoping to get a six-figure "refund" from the city. Then there was council member Jim Cooper jokingly saying "bah Humnbug" and singing a few bars from "Oh Christmas Tree" during the  Christmas Tree hearing.

While attending four-plus hour meetings where there is little controversy can make for a long evening for audience members, it is nonetheless and indicator of sorts that council members are working together. For the most part, when council members together, business for the people gets done.

While this new-found civility could be the by-product of having a new mayor or the realization of the need of civility amongst political rivals in the post-Tuscon tragedy, we hope that 2011 ushers in a new era for the Elk Grove City Council. 

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Elk Grove Politics said...

This was an interesting exchange to watch. Not boring at all when the taxpayers’ money is at stake once again. Is anyone watching out for our interests?

Didn't Patrick Hume, shortly after he was elected in 2006, lead the charge to "excuse" Renyen and Bardis out of over a million dollars in road fees due the taxpayers of Elk Grove? We use could use that million dollars right about now for economic development.

Begs the question: Was the $250K R&B spent championing Hume's election in 2006 worth the $750K return. Seems so and now they want more!

Once your hands get dirty with political favors you can never get them clean.

Let's see if Hume let's Reynen & Bardis off the hook again.

Josie said...

Is this the CALM before the STORM?

I thought it was interesting that the Attorney who spoke was representing Pulte "and" Reynen & Bardis. Wouldn't their positions be entirely different and maybe create a conflict of interest? I don't know anything about the legal system, just didn't sound right to me. Why did those two entities join hands, other than wanting credits issued, but for different reasons.

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