Is Sophia Serious?

More of these - Sophia Scherman's economic development plan Reader boards – Scherman’s answer to Elk Grove's economic development...

More of these - Sophia Scherman's economic development plan
Reader boards – Scherman’s answer to Elk Grove's economic development woes

Should we be worried about the unsolicited comments coming from Elk Grove City Council  member Sophia Scherman? On the heels of her comment at the January 26 Elk Grove City Council meeting whereby she warned, “I don’t want to hear another thing about the mall,” Scherman now seems to have solved our city’s economic development problems.

During council comments and future agenda items at the February 9 council meeting, Scherman wants the council to discuss erecting more reader boards in Elk Grove to sell ads so "we can make money."

Is she serious?

More reader boards! More light pollution! More danger for traffic accidents! Elk Grove doesn’t have a crash tax, and never will given comments by Council Member Gary Davis, and so we can’t count on that ill gotten gain revenue from accidents that reader boards have caused.

Maybe we can install advertising placards on the back of Elk Grove Police Department patrol units while we're at it. Maybe the K-9 units could wear sweaters for Alpo dog food! The possibilities are endless.

And what is worse, Scherman’s favorite sidekick and political protege, Council Member Pat Hume agreed to “have the discussion.” Hume, in the past, appeared to be a pretty intelligent guy. However, over the last year or so Hume's judgment on several matters leaves one wondering where his mind is.

Scuttlebutt has it that Scherman, given her ten-year tenure on the city council, says she is the logical choice for Elk Grove’s first elected mayor come 2012. With “Sophia’s Solutions,” arising during council meetings, she is now proving that her tenure needs to end.

But don’t worry Sophia, since reader boards are now your thing to solve our city’s problems, we can ask the Elk Grove Auto Mall to put a picture of you with the caption, “So long Sophia!”

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Josie said...

Poor Sophia, every time she opens her mouth she puts her foot in it.

Sophia, what day, time & corner were you standing on when this "sign" thought first came to you? As a passenger in a vehicle I have tried to read the boards on the way to Sacto before they change messages and most times can't. Now the board's do have a great potential to bring in revenue with the crash tax in place...that is if you care nothing about a human life.

The Mall..not long ago she indicated she had some insider information about the mall, but that was all she could say for now. That deal must have fallen through and I had such high hopes she had finally solved our problems. So much desperate need of attention.

BTW...I'll chip in on the "So Long Sophia" sign.

Elk Grove Politics said...

The trouble here is that no one wants to remember what was promised and take responsibility for it.

The reader board at the Elk Grove Auto Mall was a much contested item. But the night the council approved it was the same night the non profits were discussed. On tap was how much money they would be given, and how much money was going to be cut.

Magic number: $50,000!

Seeing the writing on the wall because there was a lot of protest, the representative from the auto mall came forward and offered up the same $50,000 to offset what was going to be cut from the non profits. And they promised that same $50K every year if the council approved the reader board because of all car sales and revenue it would bring in.

So if reader boards are so lucrative, why it is that we are giving the new auto mall dealerships $500,000 in advertising dollars?

Can you explain that one Sophia since you championed the first one? And you now want more!!! Someone please rescue us from leaders like this!!!

Elk Grove Politics said...

The dealers at the Elk Grove Auto Mall committed $50K for five years towards the community grants IF the council approved the reader board. As we all can see, the council did.

Have we received the money?

Insania said...

Revenue or not, the installment of reader boards have no place in creating a viable, meaningful place to live. It matters little, as we've already done every fool thing to thwart the long-term viability of our city.

I've long argued that the extreme auto dependency of Elk Grove prohibits community. Reader boards only target one group of people -- drivers, and as every single resident is forced to own one or more vehicles due to our layout, well, a solid advertising revenue stream awaits.

These boards would greatly compliment this city's existing cartoonish architecture, auto brutalized collector roads, the Laguna Freeway, single use zoning, and multiple $83 million dollar highway interchanges. They'll fit right in.

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