Elk Grove woman arrested for abuse trifecta - elder, child and animal cruelty

An Elk Grove Women was arrested Friday afternoon for elder abuse, child abuse and cruelty to animals after officers found the victims in hor...

An Elk Grove Women was arrested Friday afternoon for elder abuse, child abuse and cruelty to animals after officers found the victims in horrid living conditions.

According to Elk Grove Police Department reports, officers discovered that the residents residing in the house on the 4600 block of Stuben Ct. that was covered with garbage and debris along with cat, dog and rat feces. Responding officers arrested 32-year-old Charlotte Permenter of Elk Grove.

The 53-year-old female victim was transported to an area hospital for medical treatment and a 14-year old boy and 12-year-old girl were turned over to child protective services. The pets inside the residence were taken to the SPCA and city code enforcement red-tagged the residence due to the living conditions.

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Andrea said...

Wow! This is in a newer neighborhood too. I bet the neighbors collectively sighed with relief when this house was shut down! Think of the cockroaches and fleas.....Bet this woman is a 500lb cow living off some sort of disability

Jonathansmom said...

Andrea...I'm sure ur a 500lb pig sitting in front of ur computer eating and criticizing someone u don't even know. Get a hobby other than eating and judging people u never met.

Malleus Codex said...

Double-WOW!!! I'm 58 and didnn't realize that I've been elderly for the last five years!!! Can I start collecting my full Social Security now??

Anonymous said...

You are right, we were thrilled when they finally shut down the house!

Anonymous said...

everything has its justice, Johnathans mom must be family to the abuser or feel a connection to to her, perhaps in same conditions? Lets hope her son lives in better conditions.
500lbs or not filth is filth! Hope these children have not been abused in other ways, so sad children learn what they live... I can only imagine!! Just the discription is horrifying.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who is finally thrilled they "shut down" the house, first of all you are nosey and have no life, canyou tell me what this woman personally done to you? i know, absolutely nothing, i kno charlotte and kow she is a wonderful person, sh took care ofher Mom her teenage kids are in school everyay, kids who are bigge than her i might add and more than capable ofcleaning up and helping their Mom, charlotte had just signd her mother out of the nursing hme because her mother wanted to come home, even though she knew her mother was going to be alot more work as she had just had strokes and that was why she was in the nursing home in the first place to get therapy, charltte put her mother and her kids before herself so what she had a dirty house? it is none of your business what as going on inside that womans house she was not bothering you folks and i know this for a fact she is a single chick who was trying to take care of her sick mother her teenage kids. als thy animal abuse charges were dropped along with the child endangerment, my friend charlott would never hurt any animal, elk grove police charged her with animal abuse because the officer refused to look in her car where she had just bought dog food for her dogs, my friends house was dirty, she was asking for help, she does not deserve to be trashed this way, you do not know her, thank you have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Actually Anonymous...Im her sister. Why dont you get a life and stop worring about other people that you dont have any clue about! And no, my children are not in the same conditions and no Im not an abuser and neither is my sister. And to the idiot who is thrilled that the house was "shut down"...FYI...she was glad to be out of there herself! Especially away from snobs that are up to their rear ends in debt paying on those hideous houses that all look the same! We are all human, you are no better just because you live in the ghetoo...I mean Elk Grove!

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