Rural Elk Grove neighbors upset with marijuana growing operation

Several Elk Grove residents expressed concern over a medical marijuana growing operation in their east side rural neighborhood during last n...

Several Elk Grove residents expressed concern over a medical marijuana growing operation in their east side rural neighborhood during last night's Elk Grove City Council meeting.

During the public comment section of the council meeting three residents of the rural portion of District 2 told council members of their concern over a medical marijuana operations that sprouted up recently. The speakers said they were concerned the operation could attract a criminal element to their neighborhood.

Kathy Kokkos, an operator of a disabled adult care facility near the growing operation, said she was very concerned for the safety of her clients. 

"I am seriously terrified tonight," Kokkos said. "What if unsavory people come around."

Kokkos said the two-acre growing operation started with about a dozen plants a few weeks ago but now has about 55 plants, all about three feet in height. 

When asked by the council about the operation, Elk Grove Police Chief Robert Lehner said law enforcement was aware of the operation and has been monitoring activity. Lehner said the cooperative that is growing the plants appears to be in compliance with California Medical Marijuana law.

"It doesn't look like it has any violations," Lehner said. "It appears they have the right number of [medical marijuana] cards." 

While he said police will be monitoring the situation,  Lehner noted the operation could run afoul of code violations. "I think it needs to be looked as a code enforcement issue, " Lehner concluded. 

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Anonymous said...

Well if they were worried about unsavory characters coming to their neighborhood before, I'm sure they would be comforted to know that now anyone who has read this article is aware of the grow in their neighborhood. It seems they are making their situation worse by complaining about it, way to spread the word.

Anonymous said...

It's East Elk Grove. The unsavory element is there with, or without a grow operation.

David said...

Local governments are falling all over themselves trying to regulate outdoor growers. They are sooooooo foolish. All they need to do is grow a gazillion male marijuana plants and wait for the wind to pollenate the growers' females. That makes them commercially useless. Hello, Mayor McFly...?

Anonymous said...

First, these are medical users, not criminals. Second, this is marijuana we're talking about, not meth. Very different. Meth = criminals and violence. Medical marijuana does not.

Anonymous said...

I'm more worried about all the bars and liquor stores in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

They are doing what law enforcement advised them to do and that was to address the city counsel. I am sure you would feel the same if you lived in a safe neighbor hood and then one day pot plants started being grown in your backyard with the risk of having unsavory characters coming around? Not only that but knowing that law enforcement can't do anything about it and didnt care enough to even notify the city counsel of this when they were the ones advising the people to address the city counsel.

Anonymous said...

People are always afraid of what they don't know. Medical Marijuana seems to cause fear to the people not involved in the operations, but I wouldn't be worried if I lived there. It's just marijuana.

Anonymous said...

Really? Wake up, it is still against Federal Law, last I checked local police are still suppose to enforce fedeal law.

Anonymous said...

Would you too be scared if one day a aspirin plant emerges....your missing the point, help a person who otherwise wouldn't be able to cope with an Heath issue....know about it before you talk about it...pot dispensaries across the street or bar? You choose. Because something is legal doesn't mean it's better

Anonymous said...

You need to wake up, because it's legal doesn't mean it's good cause it's illegal doesn't mean it's bad. Beers legal has iit helped anyone's health lately? Camnibuss isn't and it day maybe it may be legal...Believe me you would rather the police dept. focus other things.

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