First 10 Year City Employee Reflects on Development of Elk Grove

Jacqui Langenberg. Elk Grove management analyst Jacqui Langenberg, the seventh employee hired by the fledgling City of Elk Grove, celebra...

Jacqui Langenberg.
Elk Grove management analyst Jacqui Langenberg, the seventh employee hired by the fledgling City of Elk Grove, celebrated her 10th anniversary as a city employee last Saturday.

"I was the seventh employee hired and we have certainly changed a lot since the move from the old Circle K store location on Elk Grove Blvd.," Langenberg said. "I quickly learned that developing a City from scratch was nothing like managing an established city."

During those early days Langeberg said the pace of change quickly sped up and employees often felt overwhelmed but always pulled through. "The employees truly felt pushed to their limit but we were all willing to do it, because the challenge and the accomplishment was well worth it," she said.

Langenberg's first project was to develop the foundation for the city's human resources department, from developing the policies and procedures, the recruiting process, and the benefit packages to the planning and organizational development. Although she has worn hats in numerous city departments, Langenberg cites the formation of the city's own police department as the most fulfilling.

"When we started the process of developing the Police Department it seemed like an enormous task, but we rolled up our sleeves, got the right people in place and made it happen against the odds," Lagenberg says. "I learned so much from this project and I continue to be amazed by the incredibly talented people we have in our Police Department."

Noting Lagenberg's anniversary, Elk Grove Mayor Steve Detrick praised her contributions to the city.

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jacqui Langenberg for more than 6 years now - She’s an outstanding City employee, a hard worker and a ray of sunshine at City Hall," Detrick said. "She’s truly invested in the City of Elk Grove, as a resident and employee, and has made significant contributions to the community, like her work on the Elk Grove Time Capsule. I’m constantly impressed by her quality of work and enthusiasm.”

Langenberg also noted that success of the city is directly tied to the residents. "I have met some incredible citizens in Elk Grove and without their commitment to making Elk Grove a better place we wouldn't be where we are today," she noted.

The city council also deserves much credit in the city's formation. "They have each brought such individual strength, vision and dedication to the Elk Grove community. I have watched and learned from each of them," Langenberg said.

Reflecting on the formation of the city and where it has gone, Langenberg said there was no playbook when things started up. "You simply use your knowledge, experience and intuition to do the best job you know how and when its all said and done, you go home at night knowing that you have done your very best for the citizens of Elk Grove," she noted.

"I feel very blessed to have been part of the development of this City and I continue to be committed and inspired by the citizens of Elk Grove," she added.

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