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By Maricor Capulong Luxlucky Directed by: Andrew Stanton Taylor Kitsch Lynn Collins Samantha Morton A needed 2hr adventure getaw...

By Maricor Capulong

Directed by: Andrew Stanton
Taylor Kitsch
Lynn Collins
Samantha Morton

A needed 2hr adventure getaway from the hussle and bussle of real life. This movie captures a great deal of warmth, excitement, and imagination. Although it is not doing as well in the box office, do not let the low ticket sales deter you from seeing this movie.

The movie is fronted by two relatively new actors, and maybe this is why the there is little allure for this movie. Lynn Collins and Taylor Kitsch both were in the Wolverine: Origins movie, although they did not share any scenes, they did have a great romantic connection in this one. Although not my first choice for the role of Gambit, Kitsch is fitted perfectly for the down trotten Vsoldier. Lynn Collins conjure the same sexiness in comparison to Princess Leia’s metal bikini image.

The movie is a story of redemption for a man who had lost everything in the civil war, and is now living his life drifting and hardly caring much of the world around him. The man, John Carter, found gold in a cave in the middle of an arid desert.

Within the cave he finds an amulet that transports him to Mars, and there his adventure begins. It follows a very formulaic direction, main character is involuntarily thrust upon adventure. Main character then meets a female that he does not much like or get along with, but also needs in order to understand the new world. The female heroine turns out to be a princess, they fall in love and then he has to save her.

All in all, he is narrowed out to be the savior of the inhabitants of the planet. Simple story line and very much predictable. Although it is this way, the movie still felt exciting and I could not take my eyes off the screen. The film was carried by the charisma of the two main leads.

A few scenes here and there were needless and frivolous. In some cases, some scenes were redundant and repetitive. The pacing was supper slow and sometimes a bit confusing because of how some facts were presented. A first live action film for director Andrew Stanton, who had mostly done Disney/Pixar 3D movies, such as Wall-E and finding Nemo. A good try considering and action adventure movie is hard to sell, not unless your one of the top greats like George Lucas or Peter Jackson.

I had no preconceived notions coming into this film, did not read the novel it was based on or researched anything about the book. This film did a great deal of impression that I may buy the book and read further into the adventure of John Carter. It was stated though that a second film may be made, I honestly cannot wait if they do.

I give this film 3/5 hearts.

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