Detrick Announces Fundraising Results

Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Detrick announced results from a fundraiser held on his behalf last week. Detrick, who is running f...

Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Detrick announced results from a fundraiser held on his behalf last week.

Detrick, who is running for a second term representing the city's third council district, said in a press release that the fundraiser sponsored last Thursday by Jackson Properties and Region Builders PAC brought in over $40,000.

“I am humbled with the diverse cross-section of support from Elk Grove and beyond, with Residents, Business Owners, Developers, Labor Groups and Community Leaders," Detrick said in his statement.

Currently Detrick has no announced opponents in the November election. As the end of last year, Detrick's campaign finance documents showed that he had $68,849 in his coffers.

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Anonymous said...

what is the purpose of telling us this?

To keep people from running against him or to let people know he can match Gary Davis $ for $ in a Mayor's race?

Anonymous said...

It is all about the money. He is going to owe alot of favors to the ones that supported him. It is all about the money. Are we in trouble now.

Anonymous said...

Was it Jackson Properties the one who got monie from the council so the State agencies could move into one of their rentals? If so no wonder they are helping him. How much more do they want?

Anonymous said...

Yep, that is Detrick; always bragging about money. And I agree this is news why?

Unless Detrick is angry that the Elk Grove Citizen covered Sophia's fundraiser and not his; so his campaign countered with an extremely poorly written press release.

Reason maybe? The Citizen didn't have enough space for these two peas in a pod to toot their own horns! Lord the egos on the Elk Grove City Council.

Anonymous said...

At this event Davis, Hume and Cooper were their as well. Sounds like a brown act. Did they have a meeting? Or are they all going for the same bucks.

Bob S said...

Geez, what do you people want? You ask for transparency and Detrick gives it, then he's court martialed in the court of public opinion for doing it. Looks like a no-win situation for any candidate from my seat.
Why anyone would want to step forward and try to upgrade our city by running for public office amazes me.
Can't we support our public officials even a little bit?

Anonymous said...

Detrick an upgrade? How are you related? This guy is all about himself and is the pocket of developers.

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