Wheat Announces Website, Commits to 'Unique' Mayoral Campaign

Elk Grove mayoral candidate Lynn Wheat will be running a contribution-free campaign. Will host first event this Saturday With the ann...

Elk Grove mayoral candidate Lynn Wheat will be running a contribution-free campaign.

Will host first event this Saturday

With the announcement unveiling her campaign's website lynnwheat.com, Elk Grove mayoral candidate Lynn Wheat will be conducting, by comparison to her opponents, a unique campaign.

A long-time city governance watchdog with a particular emphasis on land planning matters, Wheat announced that her campaign will eschew financial contribution and said exclusive of her filing fees, will not spend more that $1,000 of her own money on the campaign. 

"In a manner reminiscent of our country’s forefathers, Ms. Wheat has committed to spreading her campaign message directly to the residents and business owners- neighborhood by neighborhood" Wheat's statement said.

As part of her person-to-person campaign Wheat is inviting voters and business owners to meet her starting at 9:00 a.m this Saturday at the Starbucks located on Whitelock Parkway and Bruceville Road.

For more information on this event and her views on campaign issues, view Wheat's website here.

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Steve L said...

People "talk" about campaign reform, but no one will dare take a stand on the issue....until now.

Lynn is well informed, smart, and she's dedicated to this city and seeing that its future is sustainable and even enriched.

If you care about your home values, if you want a voice of reason, not attached to developer $$, Lynn is your candidate.

Drop by and see her @ Starbucks. You'll be impressed. Tell your friends. Let's get the word out that politics in EG may be finally changing and for a change it's changing FOR the benefit of its citizens, not to their detriment, as in the past and present.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'll be there. I have heard her speak at city council meetings a couple of times and was very impressed with how knowledgeable she is about the community of EG and it's issues. It's time we had someone who is more interested in a fix for EG than $$ and willing to spend their time FREE for the community. That's what I call a "real leader" and someone I have to hear more from.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, we've gotten to the point where the size of one's campaign "warchest" is THE news and topic of bragging rights. No wonder two of our Council incumbents will go unopposed. Who can pony up $100,00-200,000 to run against them? Is that a reason to proudly proclaim a history "record breaking" event, or to reflect and ask is this the kind of "history" we want to make for our city?

Regardless of where she stands on the issues, Ms. Wheat's "warchest" will consist of local residents, "soldiers" willing to walk and talk about a brighter future--not standing at a heavily promoted event receiving checks.

Anonymous said...

Will we see you there? You talk a good game but noticed you did not indicate your willingness to walk for her cause. A grass roots movement needs everyone's participation. Wishing Lynn the best in this endeavor; the next few months will have Davis and others on thier toes. Go get'em girl!

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Ms. Wheat will bring something to this race that is usually missing and that is a real discussion of the issues facing Elk Grove. Bravo Zulu Ms. Wheat!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, Ms. Wheat appears to be one note to me. Everytime I have heard her speak it is in relation to environmental issues. No SOI. No Vintara Park. There is more to the city of Elk Grove than land use. Being anti-growth will not solve the problems we face at this time.

Best of luck to her, but I can't vote for a single issue candidate.

Debbie said...

Just for the sake of discussion, let's go with "unknown's" premise that Lynn Wheat is a one issue candidate.

If there is one issue or topic that locally encapsulates our future, public safety, economy, health of our neighborhoods and overall quality of our community it is land planning.

So yes, perhaps Lynn is a one issue candidate, but she is focused one the one issue than affects just about every aspect of life here in Elk Grove. Besides she isn't just offering up platitudes like all her opponents are.

Paul for the People said...

Unknown and Debbie:

If you really think Ms. Wheat is a one-cause candidate you are truly mistaken.
Yes, she cares about land use. This is because of our citiy's lack to proper land use policy to date. How many corners have drug stores? How many discount stores can one town this size sustain?

She also has spoken on poor fiscal planning by our city leaders, political finance reform, poor decisions made by council to pay back developer donations, misuse of public funds, I could go on.

But why take my word for it, meet her @ Starbuck's on Whitelock Pkwy this Sat am and ask her your questions. You won't be disappointed.

Debbie said...

Paul, Let me clarify. I said for the sake of discussion, lets say Lynn is a one issue candidate. I agree with you that she has laid out her views on several issues. I was simply trying to engage "unknown" and point out that land planning alone is an important issue.

Paul for the People said...


I appologize if you took offense to my post.
However, I believe it is extremely important to respond to all the detractors who will smear her name and reputation as has become custom, even in our small community.
Lynn has numerous ideas and solutions for many of our current problems. Just give her a chance.

Debbie said...

No offense taken Paul. I too support Lynn and hope she really takes Mr. Davis and Ms. Scherman to task.

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