Ly Seeks to Bridge Differences Between Teachers, Admin if Elected to EGUSD

EGUSD Area 6 candidate Steve Ly Motivated by his desire to improve educational opportunities for children and improve district labor re...

EGUSD Area 6 candidate Steve Ly

Motivated by his desire to improve educational opportunities for children and improve district labor relations, Elk Grove resident Steve Ly is seeking to become the Area 6 seat of the Elk Unified School District (EGUSD) seat this November.

As a teacher with the foster student program with the county board of education, Ly said that one of the biggest challenges facing the district is the labor problems between the teachers association and administrators. These problems, Ly said, are affecting the children.

When asked how he would work toward resolving labor issues between teachers and administrators, Ly said he has a coalition of people across the political spectrum supporting him and this reflects on his ability to bring people together. Ly said that all the parties are interested in providing quality education and that should be the starting point.

"We have to look at what we are striving for," Ly said. "With that common interest we can bridge that gap between the union and also the [district] superintendent."

Ly went on to say that there appears to have been a break down in communicating between the administrator and the teachers and that has led to a break down in trust.

As for how he will measure his success as board member after four years, Ly said he would like to see teachers and administrators talking and working together constructively for the benefit of the children.

Ly also noted that his experience as an educator has shown him certain results actually need to be measured over a period longer than four years. Ly said has had former students call him several years later relating personal successes.

"After 10 years they would give me a cold call me and say 'Mr. Ly, remember this incident a long, long time ago. You said this or did that and your changed my life,'" Ly said.

Ly, who ran for the school board 10 years ago noted he is not running for office to use this as a stepping stone for further advancement. "I am not a politician," he noted.

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Anonymous said...

Steve Ly, you are no friend of children or the District. I read the patch article where you would expose the District to a costly election that would lead to teacher layoffs and less money for our kids. You also sought an appointment and now critical. Can't have it your way so you want to take money away from our kids???
Sad Sad Sad

Anonymous said...

Steve- will you support Gary Davis on the Grove Charter School? We need an alternative. I don't want my kids to go to Eddie/Laguna, but I can't afford private school.

Anonymous said...

It's the economy stupid! If you don't know anything about what's happening at the Capitol or nationally, you have no business on the board Steve.

But as I see from the above link, you are all for wasteful spending anways.

Anonymous said...

There is a battle going on between two groups in our City. On one side you have Gary Davis and his supporters. They are running two-three people for school board plus trying to get Gary elected as Mayor.

On the other side you have the Elk Grove First group. This group went into the shadows shortly after it was formed but obviously they are still active. Both Rambo and Singh-Allen were founding members and look where they ended up all of a sudden.

EGN said...

This is shaping up to be an interesting contest. Both candidates will be participating in the forum on Monday Sept. 17.

Anonymous said...

LOL, so let me get this right. Ly sought an appointment for the school board. He was rejected. Now he favors special elections? Pathetic.

I like Gary Davis. I would run from Ly before he costs him the Mayor's race on ill conceived campaign ideas. Guilty by association can take on a life of their own.

Anonymous said...

Singh-Allen and Rambo were appointed to the EGUSD. They haven’t earned the trust of the community as school board members. Let’s see what they actually do before we put them up for sainthood.

As far as Elk Grove First, they burst on the scene with their grandiose statements to make Elk Grove better; did nothing but attack Steve Detrick, and then went so far underground, even their website is gone.

I will take Gary Davis’s proven track record of actual accomplishments any day before people who just talk big.

Anonymous said...

Gary Davis is running for school board too? Didn't he dump his position as a school board member mid-term to run for EG City Council? What are his accomplishments really? Starting things he never completes and taking credit for others, winning- NOT!
I suppose we should recruit Elk Grove Community Connection members that is run by me, myself, and irene. So lame.
I support Lynn Wheat. Dump Davis and anyone associated with him. Int his case, it's you Steve Ly. ANyone who wants to waste tax payer money is no friend of mine.

Hey Wheaties said...

It didn’t take long for the Lynn Wheat supporters to go nasty, now did it? Wheat needs to have a little talk with her inner circle. So much for sticking to the issues Lynn & Company.

Nasty comments are not the breadfast of champions!

American Diplomat said...

To me it sounds like someone exercising their 1st Amendment right of free speech and someone VERY DEFENSIVE not liking it.

Surely, Lynn cannot be expected to dictate what every supporter says or thinks.

We all have our opinions, even Little Miss Defensive can have one. Okay?

Anonymous said...

Thank you above poster for making the point by more name calling and resorting to the juvenile use of capital letters.

These posts have formulated questions to Lynn Wheat at the upcoming forum: Does she condone the name calling from her supporters and what has she said to them as their leader in getting across her message in support of her candidacy?

Elections 101: Everything is a reflection on the candidate.

American Diplomat said...

I'm not supporting Lynn, at least not yet, anyway...but, you're still very defensive.

Anonymous said...

Check out the new webpage:

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