Elk Grove Wayfinding Sign Project Explained at Workshop

These wayfinding signs, which were purchased by the city, will soon be installed at the Elk Grove Automall. UPDATED 10:45 am The City ...

These wayfinding signs, which were purchased by the city, will soon be installed at the Elk Grove Automall.
UPDATED 10:45 am

The City of Elk Grove’s wayfinding sign project was discussed last night at a public workshop held at St. Joseph’s Church.

Wayfinding, or directional signs, are signs strategically placed to help direct out-of-town visitors to important sites within the city. As part of its economic development efforts, the city is considering the placement of these throughout the city.

If approved, the signs will be initially placed on two routes within the city directing visitors to places such as city hall, libraries, parks and the Elk Grove Automall.

Presenting the city’s concept on the project was John Bosio of Merje Design who said wayfinding signs are meant to deliver a consistent message to both drivers and pedestrians and create a sense of place for communities. Bosio’s firm has developed projects for downtown San Diego, downtown Phoenix, Frederick, Md., Novato, Calif. and Bentonville, Ark.

During the course of the meeting, it was also revealed that the city has ordered wayfinding signs for the Elk Grove Automall. The signs, which cost the city approximately $4,800, will be installed in the next two months within the automall according to public works director Richard Shepard.

One audience member commenting on the project was Elk Grove resident Sarah Johnson. A member of the city’s historical preservation committee, Johnson said she and others have worked extensively on the sign issue and noted there needs to be consistency in any signs placed throughout the city.

In slides presented showing possible wayfinding signs for the city and those presented for the automall, Johnson pointed out that that the coloring of the city logo was different from the colors of the official logo.

UPDATE - For Clarification purposes, the automall wayfinding signs will be placed on streets within the Elk Grove Automall.

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Greg Louganis said...

Can we put one on top of a crane along EG Blvd. "Coming soon, EG Aquatic Center, home of a very tall diving board ... not to be confused with Stanford University, Palo Alto".

Anonymous said...

So....the city is buying the Automall signs! Amazing. Didn't the car dealerships all receive Elk Grove Tax payer incentives already....I can't believe anyone would have difficulty finding the automall...sign off the freeway, sign at the entrance. Did a city sponsored survey indicate Elk Grove residents do not know the location of the automall...or did our Economic Development Department survey "out of towners" who indicated they didn't know the location. At night the Auto Mall is well illuminated and visible. If the Auto Mall is going to receive this free signage I believe all small businesses deserve the same!

Larry Tate said...

I have just the man at McMann & Tate. We will make Elk Grove a destination city alright, just leave everything to us.

Sarah Johnson said...

There are many things wrong with this, but I am most bothered by the fact that we are paying for signs internal to the auto mall. Talk about sign clutter! Yes, the auto mall pays about a third of our sales tax dollars, but this is stupid!
They have the BIG UGLY readerboard sign, they have the City logo on everything, we paid $7K for banners that were all over the auto mall, but have since disappeared. and the place is lit up like an airport, yet someone thinks they need these ugly signs sporting all the car logos because people can't find them????

Anonymous said...


Does some of this fall back on who gives big campaign contributions? I keep hoping someone, someone on our city council could have vision or an eye for the big picture...or better yet a staff person who would be willing to say....in my professional opinion this will not make us a destination city or give a better appearance to the auto mall...or better yet...long term fiscal responsibility...will this really give us a return...does this add to the quality of life for our city...I wonder when quality of life will be considered in the big picture...signs signs everywhere a sign!

Anonymous said...

HOld ON....my tax dollars are being spent to advertise the Auto Mall??? Isn't the auto mall made up of individually owned businesses? What makes then any more special than Big Lots or Dollar Store? By this standard, every business in town deserves a sign....OMG, only this town could screw up such a simply task. The auto mall has a 50 foot sign that lights up 24/7 and you're telling me these 3x5 wayfinding signs will finally drive lost customers to the auto mall....this seems like another waste of my taxpayers dollars.

Cal Worthington said...

There is no one on Council who has ever run a business. "Look ma, no hands...I can pickpocket the taxpayers and look like a leader".

Anonymous said...

On another note, what was rate of return that the taxpayers got from the hundreds of thousands Elk Grove Ford got for advertising.

Yet another vote by the Elk Grove City Council they would like us to forget!

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