Two Applications Submitted For
Elk Grove City Council Seat

With the deadline quickly approaching, two people have submitted applications to fill the vacancy created on the Elk Grove City Council by G...

With the deadline quickly approaching, two people have submitted applications to fill the vacancy created on the Elk Grove City Council by Gary Davis' election as mayor.

According to information posted on the city's website, Elk Grove City Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires and mayoral candidate LaWanna Montgomery have submitted their applications for the District Four seat. The applicants submitted their paperwork on Dec. 13 and Nov. 29 respectively.

In her resume submitted with the application, Chaires says she "wants to ensure that Elk Grove continues to be a great place to live, raise a family and to retire." Chaires is currently employed as special programs consultant with the California Department of Education.

Montgomery, who is a small business owner said on her application that "I love my community and would like to continue to serve my district."

The deadline for submission of applications is January 2. The League of Women Voters has scheduled a candidate forum for 6 pm on Saturday, January 5 at city hall.

If a majority of the city council cannot select a replacement for Davis, a special election will be held.

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Phineas Taylor Barnum said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes we all know that this appointment will be rigged..

Anonymous said...

it all comes down to Detrick. What concesions did Davis give him to vote for Charis?

If Detrick can see the big picture he must know that if he confirms Charis he will no longer be viable on the council the three member Democratic majority will have no further use of him.

However, if he could work a deal with Hume and stand firm on someone else Detrick might be able to form a new majority that he leads.

Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Never mind the fact that one of the applicants is very qualified.

So I say, bring on a special election and the outcome will be the same!

Then what will you say after we spend $500K?

Anonymous said...

we will say that the people were allowed to select their Council Member not having a person selected for us.
Davis could have prevented this problem by stepping down before he ran for Mayor. We all knew he would win the only questions was would he got over 50%.

An election allows the candidates to be vetted by the elctorate.

Just look at EGUSD. The appointment of Rambo over Ly was rejected by voters.

Anonymous said...

Re post on Detrick: Not at all subtle manipulation tactics.

Detrick will certainly feed off our your comments!

Not Fooled For a Minute said...

Make her at least pay her filing fees like all the other Council candidates had to, oops, Davis used campaign funds and didn't spend one penny out of his pocket. Disregard...

500K is a cheap price to pay for ensuring democracy. Buying a high rise diving board for a partial-year aquatic center, 155k for a one-month skating rink, 25k for an ice cream parlor marketing program, 1 million for a vacant lot along a noisy ground-shaking railroad track, 3.5 million for some jobs where we hope they buy cars at lunchtime and eat burgers, 8 million for street improvements in Old Town to make walking to the nail and hair salons easier...well as I said, 500k is a cheap price to pay for democracy.

Connie said...

To the poster above, you make a very good argument on our tax payer money the council voted to spend other matters they deemed important and in the best interests of the city and its citizens.

I have taken issue with a few of these items as well. With that, if the will of the people is a sepcial election, then so be it.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Like Kurtz, Chaires' resume is impressive. Maybe too impressive.

Upon reflection, no doubt Cooper appointed Chaires at the request of Steinberg, maybe Dickinson.

She is being groomed for one of the tops jobs in the machine. This is but a stepping stone for her.

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