Proposed $1,000 Fine Levied Against Current Elk Grove City Council Member

A current member of the Elk Grove City Council was levied a proposed $1,000 fine by the California Fair Political Practices Commission....

A current member of the Elk Grove City Council was levied a proposed $1,000 fine by the California Fair Political Practices Commission. 

According to findings posted to the December 13, 2012 statement of economic interest - non reporting portion of their agenda, the FPPC found that Elk Grove City Council Member Patrick Hume "received gifts exceeding the reporting threshold of $50 in the year 2009, and failed to report these gifts on his annual Statements of Economic Interests for reporting period, January 1, 2009, through December 31, 2009, due April 1, 2010, in violation of Government Code Section 87203."

According to the documents (see below), Hume failed to properly report meals he received as part of Elk Grove's participation in the April, 2009 Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce annual Cap to Cap regional lobbying trip to Washington DC. The total of unreported gifts, which were all sponsored meals, totaled $728.

EGN reported on this matter in Sept, 2010, June, 2010, May, 2010 and April, 2010. In Sept. 2010 Elk Grove resident Linda Ford filed a complaint with the FPPC over the matter.

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JJames Robert Ringrose said...


Community Chest




Anonymous said...

As we saw with the last council meeting and several others, the council refuses to follow processes; some of which they put in place themselves. One just recently cost us taxpayers $60K in legal fees.

And now it appears they can't follow simple reporting laws either.

Change the names, the behavior remains the same. How sad is that!

Anonymous said...

To the poster above: Do you know who cost the taxpayers that $60,000 in legal fees with his grandstanding regarding the Downtown Ford lawsuit? None other than Patrick Hume.

Anonymous said...

More likely laziness or sloppiness than any desire to defraud. I've lost travel receipts before - I think most of us have. The fact that it took so long to correct is embarrassing... However, he is paying for his inattention... Nothing here to see here folks... moving along...

Eb said...

And you thought we were dumb in Hooterville!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that in giving testimony before the FPPC in official documents noted herein, Hume stated, "Respondent states that he was not aware that he was required to disclosure the meals that he attended, and for that reason, he did not disclose the gifts."

But back in 2010 when he was told he needed to amend, Hume told the Elk Grove Citizen, “Hume said he had lost some paperwork that listed the meals, and promised to file an amended form soon.”

When asked about the complaint, Hume first said he was still looking for the paperwork.

“I do need to file an amended report for meals I attended in 2009, but I have been tracking down the actual figures to be sure that the information is correct,” Hume said last week in an e-mail.

Testimony before the FPPC is given under penalty of perjury.

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