Elk Grove City Council to Discuss Billboard Changes

When they convene their next regular meeting, aside from negotiating the minefield created by the council vacancy with the election of G...

When they convene their next regular meeting, aside from negotiating the minefield created by the council vacancy with the election of Gary Davis as mayor, the Elk Grove City Council will be discussing another thorny issue - the possibility of changing the city's freeway billboard ordinance.

Specifically, the council will discuss the possibility of loosening the current sign ordinance which allows only businesses that are directly adjacent to either Interstate 5 or Calif. Highway 99 to place billboards on either highway. The proposed change would allow businesses located near six specified interchanges to seek placement of billboards on nearby highways.

The matter arose last March when developer Gil Moore sought to to place a billboard on Highway 99 for his proposed gas station and fast food project located on Sheldon Road and E. Stockton Blvd. Among other reasons given, Moore said his desire to locate a McDonald's restaurant in the project hinged on the placement of a billboard.

Although many people have objected to the proposed loosening of the ordinance, with the exception of former Council Member Sophia Scherman, other council members said they would look at the idea citing economic development reasons.

For Davis the issue could be tricky as several of his individual mayoral supporters have voiced strong objections to the loosening of the ordinance as well as the project. Davis has voiced some support for relaxing the ordinance while the planning commission voted 4-1 against loosening it. 

The Wednesday, January 23 meeting starts at 6 p.m. 


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Developers have our best interest at heart said...

I'm very supportive of having large signs advertising our fast food gems along the freeway. How else will we become a destination city unless we can inform travelers where they can find their Big Macs and AM/PM gas.

And not to mention the great jobs this will add to our economy. Just read in the Bee that the new Walmart will add 265 jobs! This, plus the new fast food and gas station...sheez, we are on a roll! All these workers will be enjoying their health insurance, retirement plans and buying new cars and homes to help us be that great destination city!

Those signs just have to be approved!!!

Anonymous said...

From time to time, we need to look at our ordinances to see if they are keeping up with the times. I have no problem reviewing them from time to time. However, this review process was started by a developer, whose only interest is lining his pocket, not ours. Elk Grove DOES NOT benefit from Golden Archs or AM/PM neon signs littering our freeways. Review the ordinance if you feel it is time; but don't change it to appease a developer who, despite what he continues to say, isn't a resident of Elk Grove. His request was purely economic survival on his part. It will lead to more and more and more freeway signs. Once you allow one sign, you open the door to every business interest. What is HOOTERS wanted a sign on the freeway (if they were to open in Elk Grove)? What about a "gentlemen's Club" advertisment on the freeway. NICE. Watch out for the unintended consequences, boys. Don't mess this one up!

Anonymous said...

Or a strip club to two like the ones in Rancho Cordova that are so successful. Maybe a council member or two can find a "date for the prom" there?

Anonymous said...

To really build a strong city and community one needs to have vision and build for the long term. Our leaders are like young children who have not been taught to wait and want immediate gratification. That is what this is all about. The sign ordinances was about a long term vision, but what the heck we need jobs and as one candidate for mayor said at a forum...we need jobs any kind of jobs even low paying jobs....this sign indeed will bring that and maybe even more out of town criminals who want a fast buck...they can exit freeway, go through the drive thru, rob and jump back on the freeway. Convenient and easy access with the guidance of a sign.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Ms. Lynn is correct in her analysis. Citizens craft an ordinance in response to the giant Elk Grove Automall electronic billboard to keep our city from being visually blighted, and because one well financed developer appears out of nowhere and showers four of the council members with cash, we are going to throw the ordinance under the bus. And to salt the wound of the ordinance supporters, they do it under the guise of economic development.

Anonymous said...

As stated above, this aLL came about AFTER Mr. Moore purchased the Sheldon property and asked for a change in the sign ordinance. Why is the sign ordinance coming before the City Council before the Moore-Sheldon MND? It would seem that would be very presumptive of our city council and a-- backwards! IMO, this should never be on the Agenda until after the MND has been heard.


Do you want fries with that? said...

we need our city to look like this (see link below). The heck with trying to outdo Roseville-let's copy Hong Kong, the economic development powerhouse of the world!!!


Sarah Johnson said...

To have this come before the Council two days after the deadline for comments on the MND shows, in my opinion, that the time extension on the MND was just a token. Obviously, they are still on their original schedule to get Mr. Moore his sign so he can go ahead with his project. This is just so disappointing!

Glenn P said...

Welcome to the real world of Elk Grove politics, Sarah.

Gary is your buddy. Is he listening to those who have supported him over the years and voted for him?...or is the almighty $$$ calling his name, again?

We'll see on Wed.

I must say that I've been very disappointed with Gary over the past year or so. I believe he's lost touch with the citizens and has begun to believe his "yes" men and the other party hardliners.

He needs to get back to caring about this town and it's citizens rather than his next sound-bite.

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