How Rumors Start - Cooper to Run Against Jones?

Ever wonder how or where rumors get started? Well a pretty good one involving a noted Elk Grove political figure found its way out today ...

Ever wonder how or where rumors get started? Well a pretty good one involving a noted Elk Grove political figure found its way out today via Twitter.

There were two tweets posted this afternoon by Sacramento Bee reporter Kim Winugh and concern Elk Grove Council Member Jim Cooper's political future.

The first one read "ran into sheriff's Capt. Jim Cooper at courthouse. Everyone expects him to run for Assembly but he may ... run 4 sheriff."

Her second tweet said "Coop says no decision yet but some local Dems want him to run Could be epic race. He narrowly lost to Scott Jones."

Not long after he was reelected to a record fourth term on the Elk Grove City Council last November, Cooper filed papers at a run for the assembly. With current assembly member Dr. Richard Pan already filing papers to fill the senate seat being vacated by Darrell Steinberg because of term limits, it followed a certain logic for Cooper to seek the assembly seat given the on-going political shuffling and strength Democrats have shown in Sacramento County.

Following on Winugh's tweets, Bee reporter San Stanton had two tweets that said, perhaps tamping the rumor "Coop's only 49. Says he has lot left to do. Jones has said he hopes to serve 2 terms and move on. He is midway thru his first" and "That race was as nasty as they get, w dep sheriffs assn backing Coop bigtime w money and support. Jones says he already has DSA endorsement."

If nothing else, this ought to fire up the Elk Grove rumor mill.

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Dazed and Confused said...

He is a tireless leader who constantly strives to place the public's interest above all else; is cordial with all members of the public, even those who may disagree with him; works long hours to do the public's business before anything else; looks out for all segments of the population, including the disadvantaged, homeless, unemployed, and downtrodden; believes that a smile and kind words goes a long ways to unify the city. HE HAS MY VOTE!

Billy Bats said...

At least he doesn't us hus family as props.

Anonymous said...

Cooper is not to be trusted. All he wants t do is feather his own nest. He is argmentatve, rude and a bully. That is evident at the last city council meeting. He tried to turn a non-partisan office into a poltical issue and f he runs for an Assembly seat we will have the same mess that we just finished. We need to start looking now for his replacement so we don't have arepeat of the crap tht just ended.

Anonymous said...

In what was already a messy and uncomfortable Council appointment process, one councilperson stood out from the crowd as being rude, inconsiderate and unprofessional - Councilman Jim Cooper.
During the proceedings, the attitude he took with EG Chamber PAC's representative was disrespectful. The argument he started with an Elk Grove business leader was inappropriate and unfounded. His unwillingness to compromise in the final vote was the same thing we see in Washington these days. We can do better than Councilman J. Cooper and we should.

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