Elk Grove to Consider Expanding Staff, Creating $62-84K Events Coordinator

When the Elk Grove City Council meets Wednesday night, they will consider expanding this city's staff with the addition of two posi...

When the Elk Grove City Council meets Wednesday night, they will consider expanding this city's staff with the addition of two positions.

According to a staff report that accompanies a mid-year budget review, the city is considering adding two positions - a permit processing coordinator and an events coordinator. Both position have a proposed salary range of $62,948-84,357.

According to the staff report "The duties of the [permit processing coordinator] position include permit and impact fee calculations, interagency coordination, and policy implementation. Transitioning the position from a contract to City employment allows for greater interdepartmental coordination on essential financial issues and will secure vital institutional knowledge in the future."

The staff report says "The duties proposed for the Events Coordinator position include planning and executing special events for the City, administering City events grants, acting as liaison to various Council appointed committees, and developing the City’s trails program. Although existing staff have made a great effort to meet the needs of the City’s expanding commitment to special events and community amenities, additional resources are needed. As the Civic Center is developed, it is anticipated that the Events Coordinator role would transition to include a focus on programming for that site."

Upon release of the report, one Elk Grove resident sent a letter to the council calling the addition of the events coordinator outrageous. Writing to the council Elk Grove Community Connection Representative Connie Conley noted the city has a history of creating jobs only to eliminate them later.

Conley further wrote "What is the justification here? Citing the civic center project? We won't have a civic center for 20 years and the aquatics center is years off. Wouldn't our tax dollars be better spent if we wait until the aquatics center is completed and then reassess our needs for this position at that time? And since the operations of the aquatics center is going to be contracted out, even then would there be a need a $80K position?"

The city council meeting starts at 6 p.m.


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Sarah Johnson said...

I have to agree with Connie. The Events Coordinator position is just plain STUPID. I remain often unimpressed with implementation of rules and ordinances because staff has a different perspective than the community does. Therefore, the Permit Processor position may also be a boondoggle. Quit trying to fix things with band aids and step back and get a big picture view.

Connie Conley said...

Thank you Sarah. Good thing some of us have good memories; yours included!

To expand on the above regarding eliminating staff positions: The Elk Grove City Council funded both the Youth Coordinator and Parks Coordinator positions – late in the fical year – both with salaries upwards to 100K; only to cut them due to budget cuts; saying they were no longer needed.

The Youth Coordinator position cut caused a big ruckus at a council meeting. Anyone remember Bob Felts?

Once again, this Council is adding new positions late in the fiscal year; whereby the funding is low; in this case $35K per position; maybe hoping that no one will notice. So for the next fiscal year, those positions are automatically funded at the full amount.

I do believe someone is trying to pull a fast one here. We shall see what happens. Even more so, if approved, who is hired for that events coordinator position at a very nice salary!

Anonymous said...

How is it they have all this money. I thouhgt we were tryig to conserve as much as we can as we pull out of this down fall. Now they are also giving away 400,000 to non profits. I thought that theses organization were suppose to only get it for one or two years, then raise the money themselfes . Also how did they do on the Ice ring? another 1,000,0000. Are we wasting Tax Payers money again?? It must be nice to have a never ending budget.

Anonymous said...

What the heck, it's not coming out of the council peoples pockets! It's just free money to them

Anonymous said...

Probably a pet project of a particular elected person who likes to grandstand with event photo ops and doesn't want to do any of the leg work. Instead of a destination city, we will become Event City!

Anonymous said...

Either way, I smell a rat, bald or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

You should understand that there are many major special events happening within the City where the City needs to be aware and involved. Those events include Western Festival, 4th of July, Pumpkin Festival, Chili Cook Off, Strauss Festival and numerous other smaller events that affect not just the community surrounding the event, but the police department, planning department, permits, etc. to ensure it is a safe environment for everyone.

In regards to the permit processing coordinator, this also has been long needed to coordinate all of its departments are consistent with each other and with CSD if necessary. The City has not had one and it has created inconsistency and frustrated many promoters and citizens.

Billy Bats said...

It seems we have gotten by the last few years with our current staff doing a good job of performing the duties to manage and organize these events. Why the sudden need to sneak this in a mid year budget review? Isn't Mr. Cooper always saying the council needs to be good stewards of public funds? Well, that's what we heard during the appointment debacle anyhow.

This morning I saw the sound wall on the west side of Hwy 99 between Sheldon and Laguna was pretty much covered with gang graffiti. I would suggest if we let these gang bangers start tagging everything in town, will people really want to come here for our increasingly anachronistic Western Festival fearing their car might get tagged, they might get carjacked or worse by this burgeoning group of home boys?

For my purposes, if we expend any additional money this fiscal year, and that is a big if, lets take a look at public safety. This is pure folly.

Anonymous said...

To Anon above, aka City of Elk Grove employee, or someone who wants the job, justifying the events coordinator position, are you now saying that the millions of dollars of grant funds approved by way of taxpayers' monies have not been correctly administered?

Anonymous said...

To Above poster. Why are we giving so much monies to the Non Profits when their is no accountability of the monie spent. Or at least made public so a tax payer can see just were their money is going. I also think that it is a waste of money to employe this coordinator position.

Anonymous said...

How many of y9ou will be in attendance at the City Council meeting to express these opinions?

Anonymous said...

Why go it does no good. Sorry but that is the fact. They are in for 2 or 4 years and nothing can be done to them untill the next election.

Sadie's pop said...

Anon above. Don't be such a loser!

Stand up for yourself. Have some self respect. You don't like it, begin a recall.

The sad part is, we'll likely re-elect the incumbents in 2 and 4 years because of all the apathy in this town. No one cares enough to speak up or take a stand.

That's why nothing changes. People have to DEMAND CHANGE.

Eat your Wheaties and get out there tonight and tell those councilmembers what's on your mind and tell them how to fix it!

- Come on, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note we found out at the council meeting tonight that no other city in the region has an events coodinator!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely crazy.

No other city in the western US has an employee with this job title or description, but Elk Grove has to have one.
For $85,000!!! Really?

Yeah, we're a destination city, alright....for the one person west of the Misissippi that will get this job.

More waste of taxpapyer money.

All I can say is this job better not go to anyone's relative on the council or city management.

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