Elk Grove's March Madness - What is Mayor Davis' Big Announcement?

Perhaps sensing that the Elk Grove State of the City mayoral address has become nothing more than heavily cliched ra-ra speech designed to ...

Perhaps sensing that the Elk Grove State of the City mayoral address has become nothing more than heavily cliched ra-ra speech designed to sell seats to an overpriced rubber chicken chamber of commerce luncheon, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis has seemingly decided to channel Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and let no otherwise insignificant speaking opportunity go to waste.  

Is legal gambling in Elk Grove's future?
Yesterday Davis tweeted that "I will be making an exciting announcement!"

Since we are in the throws of March Madness, why not speculate what the "exciting announcement" might be. Rather than go through the the 68 permeation's of the NCCA tournament, lets focus of what we think the Final Four could be. 
  1. Construction will restart on the Elk Grove Promenade. Long an albatross hanging around the neck of Elk Grove, Davis will announce the Howard Hughes Company (HHC) has decided to restart construction of the long stalled mall. Of course if this were to happen, wouldn't we already see signs of new activity?
  2. Elk Grove have been granted a Major League Soccer expansion team contingent on taxpayers providing 100 percent financing for a stadium complete with corporate luxury suites. If you see a.) Fabian Nunez glad handing people at the event, b.) Mayor Davis wearing shin guards and or distributing Capri Sun and orange wedges, or c.) Soccer hooligans directing traffic or trolling the bar area of the country club, you'll know a soccer stadium is in Elk Grove's future. 
  3. Apple Computer will be making their long rumored domestic expansion right here in good old Elk Grove. Of all the possibilities this is the longest of long shots given Apple's closed lips highly controlled approach to product and expansion announcements.
  4. The Elk Grove Promenade will be the site of a new Indian casino. If we consider the fact that this could easily be done by tearing down the existing mall structure, HHC has shown no real interest in developing this project that was thrust upon them in General Growth's bankruptcy, the infrastructure is already in place (with perhaps no need for an EIR), the Wilton Rancheria Miwok is already shopping other nearby city's for a suitable site near Highway 99 and Elk Grove's track record of handing out economic incentives for jobs, in our book it all seems to add up. Besides, what is better than having a soccer stadium next to a casino? Then we can claim to be a true destination city.      
Naturally this is all speculation, but if we were to place a wager on it, our money would go with bet four perhaps in combination with bet two. After all, gambling is America's game. 

Let the parlor game begin!  

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Jimmy The Greek said...

I guess hosting the National Food Truck O' Rama on the one million dollar piece of property is out :(

I'd lay odds it's the casino, because the recent Bee article quoted HHC as saying to check back in a couple months, and Mayor Davis said I have nothing to report now.

So, let the LoveFest begin tomorrow--I can see it now...the Chamber and local bigwigs all hoist Davis on their shoulders and they all dance around singing "For he's a jolly good fellow!"

Anonymous said...

Great, a bunch of drunken soccer Hooligans right next to a 24 hour casino. Now that would be really family friendly.

Anonymous said...

I'll lay my bet on the casino too, but add a pawm shop next door.

elkgrove2people said...

Elk Grove News, you're becoming a rag.

S. Agnew said...

This site is nothing but nattering nabobs of negativism.

Anonymous said...

You have choices....turn the page!

Anonymous said...

The lack of transparency means we all have to speculate and have fun doing it!

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