Wal Mart Opens New Elk Grove Store

Although it didn't draw the crowd of a Black Friday, scores of people waited in line this morning for the opening of Elk Grove'...

Although it didn't draw the crowd of a Black Friday, scores of people waited in line this morning for the opening of Elk Grove's new Wal Mart store. Located on Bruceville Road and Whitelock Parkway, the facility is the retailing behemoth's second store in Elk Grove.

After an often controversial effort to build its second Elk Grove store, Wal Mart store manager Jorge Sabido said the store will comply with all the provisions placed in the conditional use permit. To that end the store will be open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday.

Sabido also said their vendors have all been informed that deliveries will not be accepted overnight. Unlike the so-called Super Store format Wal Mart had originally wanted, this store will carry a limited line of groceries.

"We are here to be a good neighbor," Sabido said.

Sabido said the 148,200 square foot facility will employ 265 full and part-time employees and expects the store to generate $45 to $50 million in annual revenues. Sabido said the store's merchandising will be slightly different than Elk Grove Blvd. store by stocking items such as chicken scratch, horse food and hog food.

During the ribbon cutting ceremony that was attended by members of the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce, Wal Mart made donations of $1,000 to the Elk Grove Police Athletic League, $2,000 to the Elk Grove's Teen Center USA and $5,000 the the Elk Grove Food Bank. No representatives from the City of Elk Grove attended the ceremony. 

Speaking just prior to the ceremonial ribbon cutting, Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce President Angela Perry welcomed Wal Mart and noted the positive economic effect Wal Mart has for the city.

"We are thrilled to have you here," Perry said. "Wal Mart is now one of the largest employers in Elk Grove."

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Anonymous said...

Chicken scratch??? He must have had that confused with the workers pay and benefits package!

Horse food and hog food??? He must have had that confused with the food they serve at McDonalds in their store!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Mayor Davis wasn't there to "welcome the high paying jobs" he has been lazer focused on. Oh wait, this is Walmart...low pay, little benefits, high in calls for service from Elk Grove's finest. Not sure we want to be known as the city whose major job source is a discount store. We are becoming a city of discounted outlets. Can't we do better than that Mr. Mayor????

Whats New said...

The Only reason why our city Councile people were not their is
"Walmart did not contribute to thier campain". Good job walmart.You may know something we don't

Anonymous said...

Joe, as I pull my head out from my tail, see the shrinking profits at Sheldon Feed? Nothing is sacred to Walmart. And most so-called farmers south of town are waiting for the developers to buy them out so they can ride off into the sunset with money bags across their horses.

Anonymous said...

Good place to buy ammunition when they have it in stock. Lowest prices around for target rounds.

Anonymous said...

Let the shoplifting begin.

I give it no more than five years before the store is open 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

Funny, nobody wanted it built, but now that its open all will eventually shop there....why no politicians there...because their afraid of their own shadow....

Anonymous said...

The politians were there the night before for the VIP showing...the opening day was for the employees...

elkgrove2people said...

How soon before we see the dirty diapers?

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