Mayor Davis Says Elk Grove 'Building Bridges' at Groundbreaking Ceremony

May 14, 2013 | During a groundbreaking ceremony this morning, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis said the city is not only metaphorically build...

May 14, 2013 |

During a groundbreaking ceremony this morning, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis said the city is not only metaphorically building bridges, but literally building a new bridge to help improve the city's trail system.

The comments were made during the ceremonial groundbreaking of the Elk Grove Creek Trail Crossing pedestrian bridge that will connect the trails on both sides of Highway 99. Upon completion one year from now, the 1,300-foot long, 14-foot wide bridge spanning East and West Stockton Boulevard and Highway 99 will connect to a new 2,640-foot long, 12-foot wide asphalt trail along the creek.

"The City of Elk Grove is all about building bridges, and often times that is figurative, and sometimes it is literal," Davis said. "Today we get to celebrate a literal building of a bridge." 

Davis also noted the project was a collaboration between the city, the Cosumnes Community Services District (CCSD), Caltrans, SACOG and the Elk Grove Trails Committee. Davis added that the $4.85 million project got significant funding from the Federal Highway Administration. 

Also on hand at the ceremony was Vice Mayor Steve Detrick, Council Member Pat Hume and CCSD Director Rich Lozano.  

Elk Grove Trail Committee member Sharon Anderson also noted during her comments the bridge will be an important part of connecting the city's various trails and represents years of pushing by trail committee members, most notably Mark Mendenhall

"Hint, hint, to the naming committee, Mendenhall bridge has a nice ring to it," Anderson said.   

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Anonymous said...

With all the experience these councilmembers have shoveling manure, this was fitting event. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of finally getting a connector over the freeway for trails, etc, but the visual of these guys with shovels struck me as rather funny.

David W said...

Finally, our council has supported a project that almost everyone in the city can appreciate.




(Just a little encouragement, for those who have lost their way over the years).

Anonymous said...

It's okay to build it, because the building industry permitted us to do something for ourselves for a change. Just don't use the same bolts as the Bay Bridge!

Jill said...

Oh please don't tell me after having to endure the mayors talk about "building stronger neighborhoods" with "a laser focus" he is now "building bridges." Say it ain't so!

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