Chaires Formally Launches Campaign for Elk Grove City Council

August 19, 2013 | Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires filed her Candidate Intention Statement forms with the City of Elk ...

August 19, 2013 |

Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires filed her Candidate Intention Statement forms with the City of Elk Grove this morning, officially launching her campaign to become Elk Grove’s newest city council member representing district four.

“I’m running for City Council to ensure that the residents of the 4th district, and those across Elk Grove are represented with integrity, accountability and respect,” Chaires said. 

A planning commissioner for five years now, Chaires was appointed by Council Member Jim Cooper.

In a press release this morning, Chaires said her top priorities are to protect the city's safety and quality of life, maintain high standards of government transparency and accountability and enhance the city’s reputation as the best place to live, work and do business in the Sacramento area.

"We owe it to the residents, to ensure that we do everything we can to bring good quality jobs to our city, she said. "There is much we can do to facilitate investment, and to make Elk Grove the model of customer service for businesses.” 

Chaires is the first candidate to formally announce a candidacy for the seat currently occupied by Robert Trigg who is expected to vacate the seat in 2014. 

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Anonymous said...

If nothing else, this shows we now live in the era of the permanent campaign.

Same old movie said...

More of the same: Catchy sound bites, short on specifics, big on the signs, and glossy with the flyers. Same old, same old. Do we want fries with that?

Anonymous said...

I hope some of the people that put their name in the ring for the appointment enter the race. There was some very interesting candidates who didn't have existing connections, had good ideas and intentions, while being qualified to fill the seat. I hope Nancy isn't the only one on the ballot and wins by default.

I'm with Nancy said...

Nancy is smart, articulate, well liked and well respected. She understands government, the local issues, and she knows the true meaning of respecting the citizens she serves.

Also, Hume and Detrick will not be able to keep her from where she belongs, on the Elk Grove City Council with their political rhetoric crap that we had to listen to while they rationalized the Trigg appointment.

The truth is the two of them are probably afraid of the brilliance Nancy will bring to the city council. Trigg, nice guy, but clearly he is asleep on the dais, and follows Hume’s every lead.

Hume will never be able to control Nancy Chaires! And that is reason enough to vote for her!

Jill said...

Hume probably already knows he can't pull the strings on Chaires like he pulled the strings on Davis in blocking Chaires. Davis looked like a spinelesss wimp in how he caved to Hume. I am sure Chaires saw how Davis bailed on her and won't forget it. Who zoomed who?

Anonymous said...

You have Detrick and Hume on one side, Davis and Cooper (for now) on the other side. Nancy is very much aligned with the Davis side of the house. Here's a crazy idea how about electing someone that wants to do what's best for the city and votes on the merit of the issue. Having an impartial swing vote is incredibly important if we're to have any success.

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