Planning Commissioner Speaks to Elk Grove-South County Dems

August 15, 2013 | For the monthly  meeting of the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club, featured speaker Elk Grove Planning Commissione...

August 15, 2013 |

For the monthly  meeting of the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club, featured speaker Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires discussed a host of planning issues on Tuesday night at the Elk Grove Public Library.

Chaires, who was appointed to the commission by Elk Grove Council Member Jim Cooper in 2007, covered  topics ranging from the planning of the city's Southeast Policy Area, the sphere of influence application currently being processed by the Sacramento LAFCo and the city's housing element plan.
Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires

During a question and answer session with the two dozen participants, Chaires fielded inquiries on the topics she covered as well several others including affordable housing and housing needs of wage earners who work in the city.

"We do have a responsibility, all of us, to have our share of affordable housing in various parts of the city," Chaires said.

Chaires was also asked if she or the city has any data that would show if the median wages earned by people who actually work in Elk Grove can afford to live in the city.

"My guess is that median incomes of people who work in Elk Grove are such that they can't even afford affordable housing," the participant said.    

In response Chaires said she did not have  information immediately available regarding that, but noted that it was a great question. She went on to say that the city's goal is to provide the type of jobs that allow people to work and live in the city.

One topic that did not come up in the question and answer period was the 2014 Elk Grove City Council elections. Earlier this year Chaires had sought appointment to the vacancy created when Gary Davis abandoned his District 4 seat after being elected Mayor. 

In an appointment process that became contentious, the city council decided to fill the vacancy with Robert Trigg who committed to be a placeholder until the seat's current term expires in 2014. Although Chaires has not formally filed, it is widely believed she will seek the position. 

The next meeting of the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club is scheduled for Tuesday, September 10 at the Elk Grove Public Library. 


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Blinded By The Light said...

Serving on the Rubber Stamp Commission...I mean the Planning Commission is good experience for serving on the Rubber Stamp Council...I mean City Council.

Anonymous said...

It's like a political version of chutes and ladders, Pan, Cooper, and Chaires move up a rung. Gary keeps his votes close and his party happy. I'm sorry but I thought the council seats were supposed to be non-partisan, yeah right.

At some point one of them will land on the chute and go down a peg, my guess is Gary.

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