Birman Talks Freedom, Economic Liberty to Elk Grove Tea Party

October 9, 2013 | On what was a watershed date for him and his family, Congressional candidate Igor Birman discussed his personal exp...

October 9, 2013 |

On what was a watershed date for him and his family, Congressional candidate Igor Birman discussed his personal experience as an immigrant and the importance of freedom in his presentation to the Elk Grove Tea Party Tuesday night in Elk Grove. Birman is running against incumbent Dr. Ami Bera (D-Elk Grove) and fellow Republicans Elizabeth Emken and Doug Ose for California's 7th Congressional District seat in the June 2014 primary.

Birman, who is Chief of Staff for Congressman Tom McClintock (R-Elk Grove) noted that it was 19 years ago to the day that he and his family immigrated to the United States from Russia. In his hour long discussion with the group, Birman stressed the importance of maintaining individual freedom as his campaign's main theme.

"I will paint the principles of freedom in the boldest of colors," Birman said. "It is through freedom that we find every instance of prosperity in this country."

Throughout his presentation which frequently referenced President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Birman stressed that freedom is not something granted from what he called the elites in government. Rather people are naturally free, Birman said, and the power government has is derived from the people.

"The rights we have, the very basic rights, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, they come from nature," he said. "And governments are created among men to secure them."

While his presentation focused on his concept of personal and economic freedom, during the question and answer session Birman discussed hot button issues such as the affordable health care act, immigration, border security, the national debt and term limits.

Accompanying Birman were his parents, Alex and Emily, who also noted the significance of the day in their family history and their experiences in both the U.S.S.R, Russia and the United States. To mark the date, Elk Grove Tea Party Representative Arthur McLaughlin presented Birman with a cake.

Birman will face Ose, Emken and Bera in the June primary. Under California's new election law, the top two finishers in this four-way race will advance to the November general election regardless of party affiliation.   

"These are not dark days, but they are challenging days, they are stern days," he told the audience. "They are ultimately very important days."

The complete presentation and question and answer session can be heard here.
Arthur McLaughlin presents Igor Birman a cake to commemorate the 19th
 anniversary of his family's arrival in the United States.

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