Elk Grove to Mark Opening of Ped Bridge, Trail Expansion With 5k Walk

February 20, 2014 | To mark the grand opening of the new pedestrian bridge across Highway 99, the City of Elk Grove will sponsor a 5k w...

February 20, 2014 |

To mark the grand opening of the new pedestrian bridge across Highway 99, the City of Elk Grove will sponsor a 5k walk on Saturday, April 26.

The walk will be held between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. at the new bridge which is just north of Elk Grove Boulevard. Along with allowing easier access for pedestrians wanting to cross 99, the bridge is a major piece of the city's long-term plan of linking various existing trails.

As an added bonus, the first 300 registrants to the free event will also receive a complimentary event t-shirt. Registration and more information is available here.  

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Bainc said...

Finally something the city is doing I can get behind. Now is the time to push to complete the Laguna Creek Trail from Bradshaw to Franklin Blvd with another crossing of Hwy 99 between Laguna and Sheldon.

These types of public works projects are what cities should be building not soccer stadiums, water parks, and malls.

Anonymous said...

And let me guess...Grace Coffee will be there to offer complimentary samples...

Anonymous said...

Curious. Will the bridge open before the walk? I stop weekly to ask workers when the bridge will be done, and they indicate about the end of thus month. So eager to use it to shop. Mid-April is a long ways off.

Bainc said...

The bridge will be done and open for use prior to the "Grand Opening" on April 26th.

Anonymous said...


At least malls, stadiums, and water parks will bring in tax revenue.

Anonymous said...

Anon above:

Let's do a little math.

Costs: Mall = $40 million
Soccer stadium $140 million
Aquatics Park = $14 million
Total taxpayer

Tax revenue: mall; undetermined
Soccer: undetermined and unlikely
Aquatics park- admittedly a money loser per city council.

How does that pencil out?

Anonymous said...

I might also add that while our city has been laser focused on projects most likely not to be, we missed the big one....Bass Pro. Had perfect location and a contact has been coming to the area for a few years. Where was our illustrious EDD...attending vendor fairs in Las Vegas? We need someone who reads all the Business Journals and is able to pick up on where those companies are heading and how to get in the door. Where were we on the Amazon list...even Ikea? Mr. Starbuck is not that person....has no history of any big time accomplishments. Nice guy maybe, but we need a Business Rebel!

Connie said...

Elk Grove also had the chance for the new Carnax as far back as 2008 but missed that opportunity as well.

Now the new one is very close to Elk Grove with the city of Sacramento gaining all that tax revenue that could have been Elk Grove's.

We can only hope that people will sell their used cars to Carmax and then take the short drive to the Elk Grove Automall to buy a brand new car.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that last week....that place is hugh. Yes, another missed chance....seems that's becoming our history.

Anonymous said...

Would love to take the 5K walk, but where do we park? Can't see myself walking 4 miles to take the 5K walk...a little much for this old body!

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