Elk Grove to Consider Cuts, Modifications to e-tran Bus Routes

March 20, 2014 | The City of Elk Grove has announced plan to modify several of the city's existing e-tran bus routes.  Accor...

March 20, 2014 |

The City of Elk Grove has announced plan to modify several of the city's existing e-tran bus routes. 

According to an e-tran rider's alert sent out yesterday, the modifications are in response to city's short range transit plan, customer comments, improve on-time performance and to address connectivity issues at Cosumnes River College.

Changes are proposed on five weekday routes including routes 154, 156, 157, 159 and 162. There are also enhancements proposed for commuter route 53 and the seasonal elimination of three routes.

The proposed route changes are expected to be heard by the Elk Grove City Council at next Wednesday's regular meeting. A public outreach meeting is scheduled at the Elk Grove City Hall council chambers from 1 to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, April 8.

The proposed changes can be viewed here.   


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Anonymous said...

The e-Tran alert fails to specify where cuts and modifications will take place.

It remains a very poor decision for the City of Elk Grove when it decided to have its own bus system a few years back.

Not remaining part of RT have dealt quite a blow to Elk Grove and nearly completely severed connectivity with Sacramento and other areas and cities served by RT. Not to mention that e-Tran has bumbled its operations for years now.

Elk Grove remains disconnected from the Sacramento region, no direct bus routes to Sacramento other than commuter routes, TERRIBLE schedules and links to RT, and NO weekend trips of any kind available from Elk Grove.
Mid-day bus service to and from SAC, between about 9:30 and 2:30, is a nightmare.


With other progressive cities expanding and enhancing several types of transit, bike options and improved pedestrian options, our city leaders prove regressive and unimaginative.

The new mayor of LA said this last week that "LA is the city of transit", continuing to make huge strides in expanding transit, getting grants and seeing that "linkage" all over the state of CA is the direction that progressive city leaders are moving in.

Ralph Cramden said...

They're simply reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. Peer through the dark tinted windows and you'll see that even during rush hour, the buses are virtually empty. Somebody is screwing over the feds on their generous grant money.

Bus-ted said...

This is the focus of Elk Grove City Council candidate Steve Ly's platform; to expand the city's bus service. So if cut, what is Ly going to run on?

Ly needs to stay put and have the EGUSD start serving their students' transportation needs. The city of Elk Grove isn't going to do it. The city council has said from the dais that the school district needs to step up and provide money to offset services, including bus service and now wanting money for the aquatics center. Fat chance of that happening!

Anonymous said...

Ly doesn't really have a platform, just mouthing a student need for better transit, not the community as a whole.

@Cramden - Transit is one of the services provided by government which has to be large enough, adequate enough, efficient enough BEFORE people will come to use it.

E-Tran is so woeful that ridership CANNOT grow. Commuter buses are jam-packed sometimes having to send a second bus, but service around EG and especially to SAC is so horrible that only the desperate (like me, I do not drive) resort to it.

If Elk Grove truly wants to become a better city, then it must put connectivity as a top priority on its list. No up-and-coming city fails to realize its importance.

Lynn said...

Yes..the city on its way to empire building decided not to work with RT anymore(or really the region)...voted for our own city bus service knowing public transportation always runs in the red...
Maybe some of the commuter bus issues will be addressed when light rail opens at the college.
High school students using the public transportation actually increased ridership numbers. E-tran, I think, worked with the district to make it happen for our students.

Anonymous said...

Yes, public transit of ALL sorts relies on public subsidies, like airports and highways and all roads, for instance.

But, Elk Grove council members think we don't understand that, so they claim service cuts are necessary because of lack of funds.

Give our bus service back to RT so that we can connect in a regional system!!!

Until then, Elk Grove and its citizens remain isolated, and certainly no person will come to Elk Grove for any other reason.

Elk Grove gets away with this because transit riders have no voice - and city leaders know this. The riders can be completely ignored and an occasional pipsqueak doesn't make a ripple - might get a polite email, but nada after that.

Not to mention how the city leaders have devastated their service for the disabled (e-Van) which was a far broader and more available service when we ware under the RT umbrella, Paratransit.

I spoke a few times in front of the Council -our needs were disregarded.

Count me a "no" vote on all sitting council members after that experience.

We need RT back.

Connie said...

The Elk Grove City Council states they encourage public participation and want people to be very involved in their government So why schedule a public outreach workshop during the work week from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. when interested residents are at work?

If council and staff don’t want to be inconvenienced, hold this public outreach beginning at 6:00 p.m. on the day of the council meeting for one hour. Then begin the council meeting after that. We have seen in the past how much our residents rely on e-Tran when the council was pressured to cut service in the past.

The last two council meetings have been over within an hour; so the council can’t say there isn't ample time to do both.

Anonymous said...

Remember the wonder bus that ran on natural gas?

Remember the buses with AC units that broke down on 100 + degree days?

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