Environmental Report For Silverado Gets Green Light, Elk Grove City Council Set To Approve Project Soon

June 26, 2014 | At their regular meeting last night, the Elk Grove City Council unanimously approved the environmental impact report ...

June 26, 2014 |

At their regular meeting last night, the Elk Grove City Council unanimously approved the environmental impact report (EIR) for the proposed Silverado housing project.

Although the project will come back for final approval at their July 23 meeting, the entire council said once some minor changes are made to the project, they will approve it.  

The 230-acre residential housing project located on the northwest corner of Waterman and Bond roads will include three so-called villages and a senior housing component. When built out, it will have 651-single family dwellings and 125-senior housing units. 

The project, which was originally proposed 10 years ago, had been dogged by lawsuits, claims of incomplete analysis of hazardous materials on the site and stiff community opposition. 

Prior to approving the EIR, the city council heard from several Elk Grove residents who raised concerns about a host of issues including increased traffic and environmental issues.

Long time resident Leo Fassler said the site, which is being sold by the Sacramento Area Sewer District, was a de facto dump site of hazardous waste for Elk Grove residents. Fassler also noted mistakes in the EIR.

Fassler said he submitted comments in the EIR regarding dumping at the site, and specifically noted that is was being done north of Bond Road. In the final EIR, Fassler's comments reported that the dumping activity was south of Bond Road.       

"Why do they say south, when I wrote north," Fassler asked the city council. 

Mayor Gary Davis and Council member Steve Detrick were also pointedly criticized during the pubic comments.

Davis was chided by Elk Grove resident Rachelle Reinwald, noting that an item in the meetings consent calender reported that in 2013 building permits for 1.7 million square feet of residential construction were issued, versus only 71,000 for all non-residential uses.

Reinwald cited comments Davis made in a July, 2013 Comstock's magazine article where he said "we are laser focused" on improving the city's housing to jobs imbalance. She also noted that there are additional residential projects on the books. 

"Until we have met our jobs to houses goals in this community, then we should not be considering any new residential projects," she said. 

Elk Grove rural resident Nikki Carpenter was more direct with Detrick. She noted his opposition to the project when he was a member of the Elk Grove Coalition Advocating Proper Planning. 

"Mr. Detrick, before you ever became a council member you were venality opposed to and involved in a group that was against the Vintara [Silverado's owner] project," Carpenter said. "If you chose to vote for this project here tonight, I think you owe it to this city and the people in this council chambers, why you have changed your mind in detail." 

She also took aim the entire council pointing out the perceived influence of money in local politics.

"When is this council going to stop catering to the developers that are feeding your pockets for reelection," she added. 

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Anonymous said...


A bland sprawling out of control city.

South Sacramento south

Mack Road south

North Stockton, north

A city of the developers, by the developers and FOR the developers.

Show me the MONEY!


Cyndi Lauper said...

It is too bad all the EGCAPP leaders didn't see the real Steve Detrick before they worked so hard to get him elected to the Elk Grove City Council.

Well let's hope in 2016 those same people work doubly hard to oust Detrick; that is, if he even runs for reelection given his unlawful FPPC violations and other unethical antics.

And good for Nikki Carpenter, who is one active resident who has real courage to speak up. Not like those who play the "I've got a secret" game and then back down because they are afraid.

Bob L said...

Speaking of real courage, you can't even use your own name when you post here. At least Mr. Lee had the courage to confront the PC with the allegations when he was made aware of them. He's done more than most that post here to make his community better.

Ok, Cyndi?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cyndi, I am with you. Since Bob L is in the know and this: What exactly has Steve Lee done on his own to make this community better that didn't include his back yard?

Anonymous said...

If you listen closely to the comments made by Nikki Carpenter last night and knew some recent history, you would know that the same group who worked on the Vintara project had previously and successfully stopped placement of the Wal Mart super store that was planned across the street from citizen Steve Detrick's gated community house. Yes, citizen Detrick, not councilman Detrick. In the final analysis, Detrick was the true NIMBY. What has he done lately?

Anonymous said...

I attended this meeting because this development is in my neighborhood. Many people spoke against the project and no one said they liked it. The lady who spoke about Detrick seemed like she was mad and I dismissed her as a bad apple. Lots of issues of concern and in the end, the council did try to minimize some but the staff talks in such circles that they did not answer the questions put to them in a way that I could understand the answer. Sometimes the city employee just flat out never addressed the question asked. From my experience, it seems the project was written in such a way that guaranteed its passage. Interesting how the government just muddies up the water on issues. I guess some small items were adjusted. over 750 more homes seems like a nightmare ready to happen. Bond road is already a crazy drive.

Anonymous said...


Might as well pave over the other wetlands and environmentally protected areas while they are at it.

By the developer

Of the developers

FOR the developers

Elk Grove, home of suburban sprawl, vacant mall and low income housing projects out the wazoo.


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