Update: Manhunt Underway For Suspected Hit-and-Run Driver

October 19, 2014 | Elk Grove Police along with the California Highway Patrol, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and Sacra...

October 19, 2014 |

Elk Grove Police along with the California Highway Patrol, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and Sacramento Police are conducting an area search for a suspected hit-and-run driver.

Shortly after 11 p.m.on Saturday night, a vehicle collision involving an Elk Grove Police patrol unit, a silver Toyota 4Runner and one other identified vehicle occurred near the intersection of Elk Grove-Florin and Sheldon roads.

According to Lt. Eric White of the Elk Grove Police Dept., the 4Runner hit one of the two cars and following the collision, the driver fled the area on foot. The police officer and passengers in the other car sustained non-life threatening injuries and were taken to an area hospital for treatment.

The suspect driver was described as a male adult. It is not known if there were passengers in the 4Runner.

In addition to patrol units, a CHP helicopter has been deployed to assist in the manhunt. Elk Grove Police are conducting an investigation into the details of the incident.

The intersection at Elk Grove-Florin and Sheldon is closed and traffic is being detoured.


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Anonymous said...


Toyota 4Runner.

Unknown said...

John Kariuki Minju is a friend of mine that I meet at tthe Elk Grove Sports Bar & Grill. When I'm around him and talking to him he's always their to listen to me. We always laugh. I was actually saw John at the sports bar Saturday night and all he had was 2 Heinekens and that was it and I had 2 bud lights that he got me like he always use to. But knowing John I really think he was stressed when I saw him Saturday night on the 19th before this happened. I told him to call his brother but I guess he couldn't get a hold of him and so he came back in to sit by me and talk and we were having a good time. If I would of known he was drunk cause their were absolutely no signs that he was I would taken his keys and called him a cab to take home cause that's what friends do. My heart breaks cause a cop got hurt and I believe the other people did to and I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sorry this went down the way it did expecially for my friend. But I can understand why my friend took off running from the scene not saying it was right but damn if you came from a different country and now your in America and just seeing how most cops treat people and black people you would probably run for your life. I'm sure my friend John was scared shitless. If their was a way I could drop this in court then I would. Sometimes this happeneds to the best of us. I hope my friend learned his lesson.

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